The Simpsons' 30 Best Musical Cameos: 30 - 16

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Still from The Simpsons' episode "Flamin' Moes"
Look out! It's a Simpsons list, and Aerosmith are invited

Can there be too much of a good thing? Perhaps. Fans of The Simpsons have likely been asking themselves that question for years now, given that the beloved Fox TV show has been on the air for 25 years now and, arguably, past its best for quite some time. But for the past week, we've also been indulged to the fullest by FXX's brilliant idea to air a marathon of all 552 of the show's episodes back-to-back, beginning last Thursday, August 21.

Being the diehard Simpsons fans that we are here at DC9, we couldn't help but get in on the fun. Some of the show's most memorable moments have included cameos from famous musicians, so we decided to round up our favorites. But, in the spirit of the marathon excess, there was just too much to choose from. So today is the first part of our list of the the show's 30 best musical moments. Check back in tomorrow for the conclusion.

30. Bravo Combo - "Co-Dependents Day"

Blink and you'll miss them, but the DFW mainstays provide the entertainment at the Springfield Oktoberfest. As an added bonus, they did a cover version of the show's theme that played over the end credits of the episode.

29. Flight of the Conchords - "Elementary School Musical"

At the peak of their powers (well, the peak of Brett's pre-Oscar-winning powers) The Flight of the Conchords parlayed their HBO-fueled fame into basically owning an entire episode of The Simpsons, completely hijacking it from Fox's chosen members of the cast of Glee. It's very 2009-10, but hey, nostalgia can be cool.

28. Tony Bennet - "Dancin' Homer"

Tony Bennet is actually the first guest star to ever play himself on an episode of the Simpsons, and he barely show's up for a second, but his reworking of "New York, New York" into "Capitol City" drives home the weight of Homer's move from the minors of dancing like an idiot in Springfield to the majors of Capitol City.

27. Lady Gaga - "Lisa Goes Gaga"

An entire episode dedicated to Lady Gaga and her "weirdness," this might be the most "Ugh, The Simpsons used to be good" episode of all time, except for the repeated jokes about what goes on on Gaga's tour-train. Also, this is why we got the Gaga/Muppets Christmas special, which single-handedly proved the theory of advancement.

26. Sigor Rós - "The Saga of Carl"

Sigor Rós scored an entire episode of The Simpsons, including the band covering the shows theme song. Try to control yourselves, hipsters, and really try not to smoke too much.

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Wrong, wrong, wrong. The #1 greatest Simpsons' musical cameo is when Sting joined Krusty to sing "We're Sending Our Love Down the Well." -'re_Sending_Our_Love_Down_the_Well

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