The Best Concerts in Dallas This Weekend, 8/22 - 8/24

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Rachel Parker
One Direction is coming to get all cute with Dallas this weekend
It's Friday and that can only mean two things: You survived the week and you deserve to reward yourself. This weekend's concert lineup might have something for everybody in the family. There's rock legends Aerosmith on Friday and then boy band heartthrobs One Direction on Sunday. We foresee both shows involving panties being thrown on stage. But then you can save your panties -- or not -- and see our cover girl, Sarah Jaffe, on Saturday at the Majestic Theatre. Your choice. No losing situation here.

Panic! At the Disco
With Youngblood the Hawke and Walk the Moon, 7 p.m., Friday, August 22 at South Side Music Hall, 1135 S Lamar St.,, $39.50-$45

Man, Las Vegas is weird. Look at the list of bands from there: The Killers, Imagine Dragons and Friday night's headliner at the South Side Music Hall, Panic! at the Disco. One was the only band to survive the nu-new wave boom of the mid-2000s, one is currently selling out arenas and one is the only band not named Fall Out Boy who is still drawing pop-punk fans in the thousands. In other words, what happens (musically) in Vegas get's huge and doesn't stay in Vegas. Panic! at the Disco's 2013 release, Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die! was a drastic move away from their pop-punk roots into the world of EDM, with heavy hip-hop influences. Honestly it's a smart move by a band who is trying not only to survive eight years after they broke through, but find new fans. Jaime-Paul Falcon

With Slash, 7:30 p.m., Friday, August 22, at American Airlines Center,, $49.50-149.50

Despite the recent heart issues afflicting drummer Joey Kramer that caused the cancellation of a recent show in California, the seemingly ageless Aerosmith make their way back to Dallas this Friday. Surprisingly, out of all of the bands that had their heyday in the '70s, Aerosmith remains one of the few that have managed to make decent music in the decades since. The band's continued popularity is a statement to the enduring quality of Steven Tyler's sneering vocals and Joe Perry's always top-notch guitar playing. Of course, classic songs such as "Walk This Way," "Back in the Saddle Again" and "Sweet Emotion" don't hurt either. Darryl Smyers

Somebody's Darling
With The Suffers and Wesley Geiger, 8 p.m., Saturday, August 23, at Trees, 2707 Elm St.,, $12

Led by the terrifically talented Amber Farris, Somebody's Darling are out on tour in support the recently released Adult Roommates. Farris' Janis Joplin-like vocals have always been the band's focal point, but Roommates finds the band investigating all sorts of interesting territory only hinted at on previous efforts. Somebody's Darling has become one of Dallas' best bands on the strength of killer live performances and the ability to merge country, rock and soul into a seamless sound that beckons repeated listening. DS

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Weekend's best shows are at The Foundry and they're free.  OBNIIIs on Friday and the Bottle Rockets on Saturday. 

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