The Best Sunday Fun Days in Dallas

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Catherine Downes
If you're not sitting in the bed of a pickup, it's probably not a Fun Day

And on the seventh day, God created Fun Day. Well, okay, maybe not, but really that should have been the case. After all, what better way is there to give the workweek ahead a defiant middle finger than to spend all of Sunday drinking irresponsibly? Damn be the consequences, we say; our temple of worship bows to the unholy trinity of beer, shots and karaoke.

Like any red-blooded Americans, we start planning our weekend drinking on Wednesdays (at least), and this weekend is a special one for those who love the Sunday Fun Day: it's Labor Day weekend, meaning Monday is a vacation day. So in honor of this glorious occasion, here are the 10 best places in Dallas to celebrate the Day of Fun.

The Lot
7530 E. Grand Ave.

If there is a better way to waste a Sunday afternoon than sitting on a great patio, it's either illegal or you can't afford it. At The Lot, you can enjoy your favorite legal intoxicants alongside excellent burgers, good company and occasional live music on their massive patio. Dog owners will be happy to know that they can safely let their critters roam off-leash while they drink their booze, and the serene location just east of White Rock Lake is quiet enough to make you forget that you're sitting in the middle of our busy city. Amy McCarthy

Dan's Silverleaf
103 N. Industrial St., Denton

Every Sunday for the past few years the back porch at Dan's Silverleaf in Denton has been taken over by the Denton musician super-group Hares On the Mountain. They've been described as "danger-folk" by some and as the best damn time in town by others. The group takes their weekly set seriously, sometimes dedicating the whole set to work through albums they love (i.e. the Pogus' Rum, Sodomy and the Lash) or stick to their own material, like their recently released EP Sheep. Whatever they choose a few certainties always exist: 1) The porch will be packed with drinking Dentonites, 2) the shot and beer special is the way to go and 3) you're gonna have a hell of a good time. Jaime-Paul Falcon

Lee Harvey's
1807 Gould St.

Lee Harvey's started their traditional Sunday "Dog Day Afternoon" a decade ago -- long before dog-friendly patios, icehouses and beer gardens started opening their gates all around Dallas. Sure, you can take your fur-baby to Lee Harvey's any day of the week, but Monday through Saturday dogs must stay leashed. On Sunday things turn, well, weird as Dog Day staff keeps the main gate closed and the pooches have free run of the massive patio. DJ "Weird" Warren Harris (of 89.3 KNON fame) plays from 4 to 7 p.m. Weird Warren's antics and selections calls to mind other legendary zany late-night DJs, playing "comedy, music and audio oddities" as if an occult hand from another era conjured the playlist by flipping through a dusty record bin stuck in another dimension. Daniel Rodrigue

Truck Yard
5624 Sears St.

Truck Yard gets a lot of fanfare, but it's not overrated in the least. Even if you aren't really into the food trucks, there are still great cheesesteaks and plenty of beer and cocktails to keep you and your lush friends occupied all afternoon long. Keep it classy with a frozen Trash Can Punch or try one of their house-made cocktails on draught. There's Carnival Barker's ice cream right out front and a real, actual goddamn treehouse. This is one of the only places in town that you can pretend that you're not an adult with bills and problems for a few hours before you have to head back to the real world on Monday. AM

The Goat
7248 Gaston Ave.

Spending a Sunday at The Goat is not about singing karaoke, although that's the bar's main event. No, the people watching serves as more than enough stimulant. Karaoke Carmen has built a reputation for putting on a good show, filled with off-key singing, a live band playing back up and at least one version of "You're So Vain." Grab a cheap drink from the bar (or four) and enjoy one of the city's most amusing Sunday night caps. Lauren Smart

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The Lot

7530 E. Grand Ave., Dallas, TX

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Ummm...great article, but have you been to the Single Wide anytime recently? Mr. Rid (whom is a dear friend of mine) hasn't done Karaoke there in almost two years. I'd like to introduce myself. I'm Chowda and I've been the one running karaoke there for the last two years. You are right about the Single Wide being a crazy, fun time from 4-9pm on Sundays though.


@Chowda01 regurgitating old observer "articles", while sitting at the office drinking keurig, lmao. we know you guys only write "articles " about companies that advertise with you. get a new game, this one is old...

call me ^.^

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