The Fans of Lady Gaga at American Airlines Center (Video)

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We sent Kathy Tran out to the Lady Gaga show last week to document the costumes of her Little Monsters

When we attended the Lady Gaga concert last week at American Airlines Center, we were left with one particularly strong impression from the night: that Mother Monster is close as ever with her Little Monsters. That may hardly be news at this point; from the time Gaga first achieved here own self-proclaimed stardom, it has been indelibly linked to her faithful fans, who gleefully dress up in elaborate costumes at any chance they get.

To help prove our point, we brought along videographer Kathy Tran to the show last week to help chronicle the sights and sounds of the crowd at AAC, which are always at least as important as any Gaga show itself.

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What Tran's camera unearthed was a trove of brightly colored clothing, wild wigs and plenty of leather. There was even a huge Gaga tattoo on display from one concertgoer. (Again, hardly any surprises there.) But whether the interviewee in question was a young girl, a group of hard-partying twenty-somethings or, well, a group of hard-partying moms, the message was the same: Lady Gaga's music speaks to her fans in surprisingly deep and meaningful ways.

Chances are Gaga won't be getting rid of her hordes of haters any time soon, but if you ask any of these folks, they could probably care less.

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