The Best DJ Nights in Dallas

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Roderick Pullum
It'll Do is consistently the place to be on Saturday nights
Pretty well any night of the week, someplace in Dallas has a DJ waiting to help you get your dancing fix. Funk, soul, hip hop, house, drum and bass -- there's something for most anyone, no matter how particular your tastes may be. Recently, we picked out the best of the local DJ residencies who stick exclusively to vinyl. But, of course, there's so much more out there. So here now are the best DJ nights in Dallas, pulled from across all formats.

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Battletech at Crown & Harp
1914 Greenville Ave.

Battletech started in 1997 and is Dallas' longest-running drum and bass night. Possibly the longest Dallas DJ weekly across any genre, in fact. More than just a DJ weekly, Battletech has become more of a spiritual home for drum and bass in Dallas spearheaded by residents DJ Titan, Phooka and Spenca A. Anyone that thought Drum and Bass was dead might be surprised at the consistent audience that comes out for fast breaks and jungle vibe every week. Battletech has migrated from club to club over the years, but has always managed to find a new home whenever they needed to move. They currently reside at Crown & Harp every Tuesday.

Wanz Dover
Tony Schwa from Crown & Harp's Cool Out

Cool Out at Crown & Harp
1914 Greenville Ave.

Weekday DJ residencies are notoriously hard-pressed to find an audience. Most people have to work the following morning or are still hungover from the weekend, but somehow Cool Out has managed to become a consistent hot spot on Monday nights for the past seven years. Over that time It has become the spiritual home to boogie, disco and loft classics in Dallas. Tony Schwa is the grand disco funkologist in charge and often hosts the city's best crate diggers in guest slots for an always upbeat monday crowd that shows up week in and week out to shake their shoes on the dimly lit dance floor upstairs at the Crown & Harp. Unlike the other residencies on this list Cool Out ,also has a resident vinyl dealer in the form of veteran crate digger 5D. 5D's booth Nostalgic Wax is always set up at the back of bar.

Free Bass at Sandaga 813
813 Exposition Ave.

Held down by residents Night Nurse, Zander, Genesis and Soy Capaz every month the Free Bass party is a multi-genre DJ event that places a heavy emphasis on cross-pollinating DJs and producers from different circles under the same roof. During the glory days of rave culture it was not uncommon to see house, drum and bass, bass and techno DJs all on the same bill. This is one of the few residencies where that still happens. In addition to music they also host artists often doing live painting and vendors selling their craft which contributes to the community vibe of the event.

Trillwave at Beauty Bar
1924 N. Henderson Ave.

Dubstep fell victim to a massive backlash when it fell out favor after jumping the mainstream shark a few years ago. In the wake of that backlash, bass music DJs scattered to a variety of different bass sub-genres like trap, future garage, juke and glitch hop. These sub-genres have found a home on Wednesday nights at Beauty Bar for the Trillwave party. Trillwave has been pushing bass frequencies to rattle the brain and move the feet since September 2012. Resident DJ's Dubble A and Trailer Swift hold down the support slots every week. Standout acts such as Brooklyn's Sweater Beats, Portland's Gang Signs, Philladelphia's Tanner Caldwell, Maddy Classy crew from Austin and also from Austin Spud Crowley have all brought their brand of bass music to the Trillwave dancfloors. Trillwave recently threw their first Friday party at It'll Do Club with Druid Cloak.

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The Crown & Harp

1914 Greenville Ave., Dallas, TX

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