We Got the Inside Scoop on the Guy You Saw on TMZ at the Gathering of the Juggalos

Nate "Igor" Smith
Big LA, on the left, star of TMZ's video that went viral yesterday.
Yesterday, TMZ posted a video of a juggalo stripper giving a lap dance to the belly button of an enormously fat man here at the Gathering -- a short film actually shot by DJ Paul of Three 6 Mafia/Da Mafia 6ix fame. The video quickly went viral.

We know what you are asking yourself: Who is this man of such impressive girth? How did he and the kindly young lady in the video find one another? Luckily for you, we have these answers which you seek.

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The man's name is Big LA. He is here at the Gathering of the Juggalos with Mike Busey (and the "Busey Beauties"), an Orlando-based full-service party organization headed up by the nephew of celebrated actor legendary madman Gary Busey. Together, Busey, Big LA and their beauties have been operating something of an outdoor stripclub here on the grounds.

Nate "Igor" Smith
Busey, fourth from the left, and his on-site crew of merry misfits.

When one wanders past Busey's makeshift stripper-pole setup, one is invited to come and purchase a T-shirt. Those who do so are then ushered over to a nearby chair for a gratis lap dance from the girls, who can otherwise be found pole-dancing and swinging and spraying water at one another.

DJ Paul, who shot the video, is in the mix because, in addition to performing at the Gathering this year, he is selling his own "DJ Paul's On Errthang All Purpose Seasoning" and BBQ sauce, and he brokered a deal with the Busey tent to hawk his wares. (We bought some. It is delicious.) The video he shot was but a short glimpse into what is happening around Busey's booth almost constantly.

Nate "Igor" Smith

Busey describes himself as "The King of Rock & Roll Debauchery," and his website features, among other things, a picture of Ron Jeremy taking a shit.

His home is a lakefront, 30-acre compound dubbed "The Sausage Castle," which boasts a hot tub, boxing ring and outdoor tiki bar. His full-service party company offers multiple packages for interested partiers -- you can hire Busey and Big LA to come to your event, or you can take advantage of their "Rockstar Weekends" service. Essentially, you head down to Orlando and take part in a hedonistic, debaucherous party hosted by Busey, filled with strippers, while a photographer captures it all for your "Precious Memories" photo albums. From his website:

Have you ever wanted to get away and be apart of something so fucking crazy non of your friends would believe it really happened to you! Looking to break lose and get away? Have you always wanted to treat yourself? You seen the videos & pictures here is your chance to be apart of the life changing madness right here right now!!!!!

It does not fucking matter what you want! If you got the $$$$ Mike Busey & friends will make your fantasies become realities!

Nate "Igor" Smith
The Busey Beauties, operating a power-tool with a giant floppy dildo mounted on it.

Outside of the standard-fare package, which basically consists of hanging out at Busey's house with a big fat guy and all of their scantily clad female friends, his site also claims to be able to accommodate those looking to get "really wild."

Continue to page two for the "really wild" package.

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wow, hopefully they have a venereal disease specialist onsite!?

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