Choice Cuts: Dennis Gonzalez' 10 Favorite Jazz Records

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In a new series, Choice Cuts, Jonathan Patrick talks with artists - both local and international - about their favorite records.

Most jazz musicians fall into one of two avenues. They either approach their performances with the instincts of a sculptor or with those of a bulldozer. Dallas' Dennis Gonzalez, however, does both. I've been captivated by Gonzalez since the very first moment I witnessed him play. And I've yet to be anything but dazzled by the trumpeter's offerings, both live and on tape.

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There's no question, Dallas jazz is synonymous with the name Gonzalez. For over three decades, and with over 55 recordings, this musician, visual artist, writer and educator has been adding much-needed girth to our ever-thirsty jazz community. Not to mention, his style speaks of an artist who has thoroughly internalized the musical traditions and uniqueness of the Dallas arts scene.

In addition to performing in festivals and concerts throughout the globe, Gonzalez has hosted a slew of radio programs, including the 21-year-run of Dallas KERA jazz broadcast "Miles Out." The point being, no one in Dallas knows Jazz like he does.

On August 2, Gonzalez will be traveling to Minnesota to play in a concert series whose theme centers on his hymn cycle -- a string of compositions, 30 years in the making, that he composed in dedication to his most beloved influences (Don Cherry, Albert Ayler and King Sunny Ade included). In celebration of this honor, I caught up with Gonzalez to discuss his favorite jazz records.

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Viva Dennis Gonzales and Familia Gonzalez!

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