The Best Dallas Bars to Feel Like a Cowboy

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Roderick Pullum
These Concrete Cowboy partgyoers may not look like cowboys, but they sure feel like it
You know that stereotype of Dallas that people go with? No, not the one about the city being extremely segregated, and stuck in a class warfare. We mean the one all the sports broadcasts use. The one where they show b-roll of the area to kill time between action, and you see people in boots, cows and other western-themed things that reinforce the idea that we're all a bunch of backward cowpokes.

So rather than shy away from it, we're going to own that stereotype with a list of the best tourist-trap country bars in the DFW area. No you won't find any Cedar Springs institutions, or Deep Ellum hot spots. We'll even spot you a certain Fort Worth venue, just to spice this sucker up. These are the places to go to when you want to embrace your inner cowboy (and maybe drink too much in order to try to blend in).

Dallas Observer

Rockin Rodeo
1009 Ave. C, Denton

The Denton bar scene has picked up over the last few years as a few entrepreneurial souls have helped turn the area surrounding the city square into a Mecca of high concept water holes aimed at catering to a slightly older crowd. This has left Fry St. to be claimed by the college crowd. Across campus in a strip mall sits Rockin Rodeo, basically the complete opposite of the Denton stereotype. Aside from live music, there are various dance parties and drinks that hover around the $1 line, and if you book a party of 10 or more you get a free koozie, a shirt, a poster, and fishbowl/bottle of champagne/shot of your choice. So you know, keep it classy, and bring 9 friends.

Electric Cowboy
1165 Stemmons Freeway, Lewisville

Open till 3 a.m., Electric Cowboy has a hilarious Facebook page where patrons take pot shots at each other over what they wear. The same thing happens on their Yelp page. Let's just say it feels a little tense in this place around 1 a.m. on a Thursday after the 49-cent -- 49-cent! -- drinks have been flowing. Yeah you read that right, a venue full of people who dislike each other, and have access to drinks that cost less than half a dollar. Oh, and there's a weekly bikini contest.

Cowboys Red River
10310 Technology Blvd. W., Dallas

They have a mechanical bull, so if that's your thing, and Billy Bob's seems too far away and/or intimidating you can check it off your bucket list here. Also they play a lot of Nelly, like not just the random country songs Nelly has shown up on, but most of his catalogue. Nelly crosses all boundaries and we as Americans love Nelly. And mechanical bulls.

Midnight Rodeo
17727 Addison Rd., Dallas

This Addison adjacent club is like a Red River light (or in cowboy-bar parlance, "lite"). They regularly offer country & western dance lessons, but are sorely lacking in mechanical bulls. They also play a lot of Nelly, and as a bonus for you Friday night revelers, they offer free a buffet.

Dallas Observer

Concrete Cowboy
2512 Cedar Springs Rd., Dallas

I spent a night out with a reality TV star barhopping for a Red Bull promotional event and we ended up here. Imagine if you took all the pretention of the SMU crowd and added rhinestones. Now add some low-level racism, terrible cover acts and boom, you have Concrete Cowboy. Lucky for them Kung-Fu Saloon exists and because of that they're not the worst bar in town.

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Rockin Rodeo

1009 Ave. C, Denton, TX

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The Best Dallas Bars to Feel Like a Cowboy...  10 bars listed 2 in Lewisville, 2 in Denton, 1 in Ft. Worth but listed as Dallas.... Why are half of this list not in Dallas if these are the BEST DALLAS bars????


Escapade 2001 will NOT make you feel like a cowboy. It will make you feel like Davy Crockett looking down from the roof of the Alamo circa 1836.


Adair's missing from this list pretty much means it was a worthless write up.  Shouldn't you guys be writing something about how great Messiah Obama is?


@todgak From what I can tell all of these bars are terrible and that's why Adair's isn't on the list. 

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