The 10 Best Concerts in Dallas This Week, 6/2-6/8

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Perfect Pussy
With Potty Mouth, Stymie, and Orgullo Primitivo, Thursday, June 5 at Three Links, 2704 Elm St,, $10
Perfect Pussy, the ferocious noise-punk outfit from Syracuse, New York, knows the difference between hype-filled buzz and well-earned praise. Because of the group's salacious moniker and attractive lead-singer, Meredith Graves, the attention-demanding unit garnered a bushel of typical hipster chatter as this past spring's South by Southwest coincided with the release of the group's debut LP, Say Yes to Love. But because the record is an urgent, cacophonous burst of grizzled anger, they're now a legit touring outfit, earning their stripes on the road with performances that feel every bit as dangerous as their recorded product. KD

7pm, Thursday, June 5 at Trees, 2709 Elm Street,, $21
You know who Stewart from Beavis and Butthead is, right? Did you just think of a joke about Winger? Is not Beavis and Butthead the best cartoon ever? (No, it's not; the best cartoon ever is King of the Hill.) But more to the point, Winger, always a favorite punching bag for everyone who celebrated grunge's swift usurpation of hair metal's market dominance, is back on the road to promote a new album. Frontman Kip Winger recently complained to Grantland about the band's pop culture marginalization and trumpeted his classical composer chops. That sounds like a reach, but it does lend credence to the idea that the band's eponymous debut is really just 2112 in 1988's leather pants. Regardless, Winger will bring out the kind of prog rock fireworks that Dream Theater fans never stop talking about, but they'll be a ship of fools if they don't play "Miles Away." Steve Steward

With The Green and Katastro, 7:30pm, Friday, June 6 at The House of Blues Dallas, 2200 N. Lamar St,, $26.58
One way to describe shows performed by bands like Iration is to imagine a summer keg party populated by every person within a 100-mile radius who owns a Pepper t-shirt, except for Kyle because his parents grounded him or some shit. Or failing that, Iration sounds like a store that sells boardshorts, or what a Corpus Christi head shop sounds like after Derek goes home and Micah turns off that Pantera CD and puts on that tight Reggae Sunsplash comp he made. Then it's just him and Sunshine chillin' until close. If you can dig that, then the Hawaiian-born, Cali-famous sextet's dubby, positive vibes will feel irie on Friday at House of Blues. SS

Pink Smoke
With The Phuss, Drug Animal, and Deadbeat Poetry, 8pm, Friday, June 6 at Club Dada, 2720 Elm Street,, $7

Like fellow Denton bands Bad Sports and the Marked Men, Pink Smoke makes pop-tinged punk rock that sounds like it would be at home on a Burger Records compilation. The band's relentless guitar work, machine-gun-like drums and almost sunny lyrics cause even the most jaded listener to bob their head and move around on the dance floor. Like-minded locals the Phuss and Drug Animal provide more than excellent support. JPF

Little Dragon
7pm, Saturday, June 7 at South Side Music Hall, 1135 S. Lamar Street,, $23-25
If there's one thing the Swedes know it's how to do it's create perfect pop songs that American audiences love. From ABBA to Ace of Base and the Knife, their tradition of synth-laden pop that gets people up and dancing has been going strong for decades. One of the longest-running groups who trade in this genre is Little Dragon, a group that formed in 1996 but didn't get noticed in America till sometime around 2006. Since then they've been on remix after remix and guested on albums from Raphael Saadiq to Big Boi. The band's latest album, Nabuma Rubberband, hit number two on the U.S. Dance charts and their singles continue to be favorites of DJs who are trying to get the night going. Expect to dance and get sweaty. JPF

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