Ishi Strike a Digital Nerve in "Emotional Hard Drive" Video

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Ishi get digital in their latest video
Emotionless robots take over Ishi's new music video for their latest single "Emotional Hard Drive." The single comes from their sophomore album, titled Digital Wounds. The Dallas-based band is known for their unique blend of electronic music with funk and soulful story telling. The record, which frontman J.T. Mudd previously told the Observer was influenced by John Lennon and Michael Jackson, is smooth and neatly crafted but still fun and energetic at the same time.

The meaning behind the record's title comes from the band wanting to free people from being slaves to technology. The music video for "Emotional Hard Drive" reinfoces Mudd's point: technology creates a boring, mundane lifestyle that sucks people into it.

This video is admittedly not as visually entertaining or energetic like the music video for "Disco Queen," but "Emotional Hard Drive" shows a deeper and more serious meaning. In the beginning of the video, animated robots enter what seems to be their workplace while following a typical dull routine. There happens to be two robots, one female and one male that have some sort of emotion towards each other. A robot version of Mudd observes the two and eventually installs a heart into their hard drive.

The video release coincides with Ishi's plans to tour the western half of the United States starting July 11. The tour will kicks off with a performance here in Dallas at Trees with other local acts including Dark Rooms, Night Driver and Jenny Robinson & Bearcub.

Here's the video for "Emotional Hard Drive:"

And here's the full schedule for Ishi's tour:

Jul 11 Trees -- Dallas, TX
Jul 18 Museum of Natural Science -- Houston, TX
Jul 19 Empire Control Room -- Austin, TX
Jul 24 Bar Pink -- San Diego, CA
Jul 25 Silverlake Lounge -- Los Angeles, CA
Aug 01 DNA Lounge -- San Francisco, CA
Aug 02 Eagle Tavern -- Twain Harte, CA
Aug 06 El Corazon -- Seattle, WA
Aug 08 Neurolux -- Boise, ID
Aug 09 The Shred Shed -- Salt Lake City, UT
Aug 13 Lost Lake Lounge -- Denver, CO
Aug 14 The Yeti -- Tulsa, OK
Aug 31 Float Fest -- San Marcos, TX

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Hey Carmina my name is Chase Gillman. I'm the creator of the video. I just wanted to say thank you so much for taking the time to review it. I'm a huge live music fan and have always looked to the Observer for reviews and upcoming shows. It's awesome to see my work reviewed by the Observer. So so cool!


Crownesparrow thank you so much! Your comment makes it worth it. I spent insane amounts of time on it. Really does mean the world to me.

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