George Strait's 10 Best Texas Songs

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"Big Balls in Cowtown" (1995)
It took longer than most people realize for Strait to break through in commercial country music. The Nashville suits didn't like the swinging style that he unapologetically offered. He was "too Texas" during a time when the major labels wanted a golden-throated crossover crooner more than an actual cowboy singing Western swing. While he certainly didn't make this song famous (that would be Bob Wills), this version, featuring Asleep at the Wheel, of this joyful barn burner is about as Texas as country music can get, regardless of when it originated.

"Lone Star Blues" (2011)
Another tune first made at least somewhat famous by another Texan (in this case, Delbert McClinton), Strait's version opens with frenzied fiddling as he sings about "a truck stop in San Angelo," where he "saw a billboard for a rodeo in El Paso." Kind of perfect, right?

"Remember the Alamo" (1996)
If we're being honest here, it's always a bit iffy when someone pulls the "Alamo Card." The courageous battle over the San Antonio mission in 1836 is worthy of our solemn appreciation. But hey, King George gets plenty of passes from us, because he's King George. Plus he can turn a phrase so well and makes this ballad of lost love into a slightly cheesy, but goose-bump-inducing, plea to his woman to not give up on their love

"I Can't See Texas From Here" (1982)
Here's Strait straight-up telling a lover that he just can't be himself when he isn't in his home state. Listen closely and it becomes clear that he's just laying down an exit strategy for him to move onto the next rodeo and romantic partner. Who can fault a guy for being homesick?

"Dance Time in Texas" (1985)
By the time this song was released, Strait had indeed become a king. His first greatest hits package had been released earlier in the same year. The message in this number is simple, which is often something profound when it comes to the King. No artist of the past 30 years has been able to effortlessly deliver country fun and beauty through timeless simplicity better than Strait.

"Cow Town" (1986)
The title says it all. Strait wants people to come to Fort Worth for fun. This is a two-stepping gem that even city boys with two left feet can manage to swing to. Sorry again, Dallas.

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