Busking with Band of Heathens: "Our Records Will Always Be Made Face to Face"

Categories: Busking

Globe Trek Productions are back again this week with another installment of their Texas busking series. Last week, of course, we featured a late-night session with Dallas rapper Blue, the Misfit. This week goes in a completely different direction with Austin-based balladeers Band of Heathens, who pulled out their acoustic guitars for a late-afternoon stroll around the square in Denton.

Singers Gordy Quist and Ed Jurdi are the "stars" of this episode, handling all of the playing between them. (Drummer Richard Millsap makes an appearance as well, but he sits out the actual performances.) After chatting with series host Morgan Chadwick about their bands and clubs in Dallas and what they do to unwind when they're not performing, the pair run through some spirited renditions of "Shotgun" and "Miss My Life," both off of last year's Sunday Morning Record, with each taking a turn at lead vocals.

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