Busking with Blue, the Misfit: "It Took a Long Time for Me to Be Comfortable"

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It's been a few months since we've featured one of our ongoing series of busking videos from Globe Trek Productions, but today the wait is over. The subject of this installment should need no introduction for regular readers of DC9 at Night: Blue, the Misfit, whose debut full-length, Child of the Wild, was featured in on the blog (and in print) just last month. Well-known around Dallas for his skills as a producer, Blue's busking session showcases his rapping with a pair of songs off the new record.

The video was shot late at night along the Katy Trail -- a fact that at one point draws the attention of the police. Additional cameos are made by Daniel Hart of Dark Rooms, who plays violin and banjo, as well as Globe Trek's Morgan Chadwick, who chats with Blue between songs. Songs played in the video include "No Cares in the World" (in which Blue wears sunglasses, at night) and "Forever." In between, Hart improvises a hip-hop beat that Blues freestyles over, spinning his rap off of Jay Z's guest spot on "Monster."

Without further adieu, here's the video:

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