The Best North Texas Music Videos of 2014, So Far

Ronnie Heart shows off his entourage in "Tasty Destination"

We're halfway done with 2014 and, before we know it, it will be time to bring in the New Year. (Okay, maybe that's a little premature. There's something like another five months of summer left first.) There have been plenty of exciting things happening for Dallas artists through the first half of the year, from albums to tours to record deals. There have also been some pretty memorable music videos. So, to commemorate the six months past and to start this week off right, we've collected ten of our favorite North Texas music videos from 2014 -- so far.

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Air Review - "Young"
Black and white old footage mixed with a beautiful colorful scenic background and the magnificent chorus of the song make this video worthy of this list.

Blackstone Rangers - "Frozen Echo"
If one could see what Blackstone Rangers sounds like, this video is definitely what it would look like. It's hypnotizing and relaxing music paired with trippy and enchanting visuals.

Blue The Misfit - "Trillionare ft. X The Misfit"
The first six months of 2014 have had plenty of outstanding videos from hip-hop artists. From his latest album debut Child in the Wild full-length, Blue's black and white video is simple but visually stunning.

Buffalo Black - "Bad Seed"
The effects make this video interesting and different from the typical rapper-in-front-of-a-camera cliché. This video is in high contrast black and white. There's blurred effects in some shots and scenes of a sonogram representing the "Bad Seed." The song is from his latest album REDPILLwondrland Part I.

Centro-matic- "Salty Disciple"
The video has strobe-like and shaky effects that may seem creepy, but it's a creepy-cool video. This song is from their latest album, Take Pride In Your Long Odds, which was released just last month.

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