10 Dance Music Documentaries That Will Make You an Expert

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7. Jungle Fever
Jungle Fever takes a deep look into the origins of jungle, the original British dance music export. Jungle's significance to British street culture is similar to what hip hop has done for American street culture. Ironically both hip hop and jungle owe a huge debt to Jamaican immigrants. In the U.K. that translated to a heavy influence of reggae throughout music culture. In America original hip hop dj Kool Herc was a Jamaican immigrant bringing soundsytem culture to the Bronx. Jungle Fever keys in on how much the U.K. music scene only came to fruition due to the harmonious combination pirate radio, record shops, distributors and do-it-yourself street culture.

8. Real Scenes: Detroit, Berlin, New York, Paris, Johnanesburg, Bristol, Tokyo
Resident Advisor's documentary series Real Scenes serves as a window into the specific DJ cultures of dance music hot spots around the globe. Techno and house are still very much underground street music in Detroit despite being the birthplace of techno. In Berlin techno was the soundtrack to unification and youth revolution and is an integral part of German culture. In South Africa house music is the national music holding an audience that stretches from kids to grandparents. Every music scene is unique and this documentary series does an excellent job of giving the viewer a snapshot into everyday life of dance music DJs and promoters from around the world.

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