10 Dance Music Documentaries That Will Make You an Expert

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3. Maestro
Maestro goes deep into the house music messiahs that gave birth to the sound. Mostly focused on Larry Levan the legendary resident of Paradise Garage, it also gives much attention to David Mancuso. The interview list for this documentary reads like a who's-who of house music history with appearances from Frankie Knuckles, Francois Kevorkian, Danny Tenaglia and Louis Vega. The footage is fuzzy but the stories of the earliest years of the music before it was even called house music is endearing and paints a much clearer picture about how this music rose from the ashes of disco.


4. Kraftwerk and the Electronic Revolution
In the beginning there was Kraftwerk and Kraftwerk's beginnings were in the Krautrock scene of Germany in the late '60s and early '70s. Although this documentary is focused on Kraftwerk it does a great job of covering the Krautrock scene that they came out of, the same scene that also produced bands like Faust, Ash Ra Temple, Kluster, Can, Amon Duul and Tangerine Dream. These other bands are not only mentioned but many of the members are interviewed about this infamous German music scene. The documentary traces the lines of German electronic music culture from the avant grade of legendary composer Karlheinz Stockhausen directly to Kraftwerk and their Krautrock contemporaries.

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