10 Dance Music Documentaries That Will Make You an Expert

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Dance music is a vast world that often gets clumped together as one giant thing when in reality it has as many if not more differences and origins than the majority of popular music. All of the sub genres can seem a little intimidating and confusing. Drum and bass, jungle, dubstep, house, techno, deep house, tech house, techno, dub techno, garage, grime, breakbeat and whatever the new flavor of the month is called; it can often be confusing. Some may wonder why not just call it all EDM and be done with it.

To help make experts of us all, here is a list of 10 documentaries that set out to demystify the history, the music and the behind-the-scenes workings of modern dance music culture.

1. Pump Up the Volume: The History of House music
Pump Up the Volume is by far the most comprehensive documentary on the history of house music's journey from the underground clubs of Chicago to the United Kingdom's 1989 "Summer of Love" when acid house took over the British music landscape. This film focuses on house music, but also connects the dots between house and other dance genres like techno, drum and bass, U.K. garage and acid. Pump Up the Volume is the longest documentary on this list, but it truly is a master class for anyone looking to know more about the roots of modern club music and how it got from point a to point b.

2. High Tech Soul: The Creation of Techno Music
High Tech Soul focuses on the earliest years of techno, the major players and how it got exported to Europe where it would find its largest audience and dominate the overseas club and parties. Techno was born in rough streets of Detroit and ushered in by Juan Atkins, Kevin Saunderson and Derrick May affectionately know as the Belleville three after the high school they all went to. A product of gritty urban decay, robots and dreams of futuristic societies.

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