St. Vincent's FACT Mix Features Charles Mingus, Loretta Lynn, and Beyoncé

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Renata Raksha
The jury's still out on whether North Texas can stake any claim to the music of Brooklyn-based St. Vincent, but we love the work that Annie Clark does regardless. We're not the only ones, either. David Byrne feels the same way. So do Swans. Even Intelligentsia is in the same boat.

So if the one-time Polyphonic Spree member drops an intriguing mix of country, hip hop, and avant jazz for England's FACT magazine, you better believe we won't apologize for sharing it with you.

FACT, a London online music rag, runs a twice-a-week music series where featured artists put together specialty mixes for the website. Monday's installment was done by St. Vincent, and it was an interesting peek inside the notoriously private singer's musical tastes.

Appropriately, the 14-song, 50-minute mix starts off with the barebones post-punk of the U.K.'s King Krule. Some of the territory she covers shouldn't come as a surprise; the Clash and Liz Phair are both artists whose records should rightfully be seated on Clark's shelf. Same goes with the Marvin Pontiac and Charles Mingus. Given the dance grooves all over St. Vincent's self-titled February release, Beyoncé makes sense too.

What's more fun to see is Loretta Lynn's "Wine, Women and Song" thrown in there (not long after "Black Skinhead," mind you) and the playful wink she gives with the inclusion of King Creole's "Annie, I'm Not Your Daddy."

Enough with the talk, though. Give the mix a listen here.

The full tracklist:

01 -- King Krule: "Easy Easy"

02 -- Solex: "Oh Blimey!"

03 -- Beyoncé: "Blow"

04 -- David Bowie: "Warszawa"
05 -- Kanye West: "Black Skinhead"

06 -- Interlude
07 -- Loretta Lynn: "Wine, Women and Song"

08 -- King Creole and the Coconuts: "Annie, I'm Not Your Daddy
09 -- Sisyphus: "Calm It Down"
10 -- Marvin Pontiac: "No Kids
11 -- The Clash: "London Calling"
12 -- Liz Phair: "Divorce Song
13 -- Charles Mingus: "The Black Saint and The Sinner Lady, Suite 3
14 -- Selda: "Yaylalar"

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The jury's out?  Annie's definitely a Dallas product.  Who questions that?

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