Edie Brickell and Paul Simon Release "Like to Get to Know You," Everything Is Perfectly Normal

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It's been an awfully strange week in Graceland. (Well, not Elvis's Graceland. But then when isn't that strange?) Dallas-reared New Bohemians' vet Edie Brickell hit headlines earlier this week for a bizarre domestic dispute with her long-time husband, good ol' "Rhymin' Simon" himself, Paul Simon. Then they showed up to their courthouse appointment holding hands. And now the couple has released a jaunty little duet entitled "Like to Get to Know You," which apparently only further proves that everything is perfectly normal with Brickell and Simon and that there's really -- really! -- nothing to see here.

The circumstances of the couple's dispute remain hazy -- one of them apparently pushed the other in public, though who pushed whom is apparently beyond recollection -- but what is at least clear is they were both charged with disorderly conduct. That happened on Saturday night, and in the time since Brickell and Simon have taken great pains to prove that the whole kerfuffle was nothing to worry about.

Naturally, we'd hope that much is true and all is well. But if "Like to Get to Know You" -- posted this morning through Brickell's ongoing "Song of the Day" jukebox -- is meant to put an exclamation point on matters (and the timing seems rather transparent), it's predictably clumsy in so doing. Let's just say there's a lot of estrangement and reconciliation alluded to in these lyrics.

Then again, how else would a pair of famous musicians make up than through song?

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These two have repeatedly beat each up, go to different houses and then made up. Sounds like a bad situation to me, because Paul got the cut on his head and Edie had a bruise on her wrist.


No mention here of Edie at all the last time she performed in Dallas. we remember her when she makes TMZ headlines!


@ChrisYu if you don't wear ironic glasses and/or a bow tie, its hard to get any kind of send up round these parts

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