6 Videos of Dolly Parton Being a Total Boss

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47 years and 42 albums into her career as a singer-songwriter, Dolly Parton is still being a boss. Her indomitable smile and colorful wardrobe has long since been burned into the psyche of the country, far beyond the fans of country music. In fact, earlier this month, her latest bluegrass-and-gospel-heavy album Blue Smoke was released, charting at No. 2 on the Billboard Country Charts, as well as at No. 6 on the Billboard Pop Charts -- making it the first time one of Dolly's solo albums has debuted in the Top 10 on the pop charts. And did we mention she's closing in on 70?

This weekend Parton visits Thackerville, Oklahoma for back-to-back nights at Winstar Casino. In honor of the occasion, we threw together a batch of our favorite videos of hers from throughout the years. Yes, we realize that this post could have just been "Dolly Parton's Top 10 Performances of 'Jolene'," but we thought it best to highlight her at her boss best.

"Just Because I'm a Woman"

One of the things that's endeared Parton to the world for all these decades is her smart, independent voice as a songwriter. Far from some ditzy blonde stereotype, she has a sharp wit and her lyrics have long championed the feminist cause. "Just Because I'm a Woman" is good an example as any, with some Texas-sized hair in this video to boot.

"Dumb Blonde"

Speaking of the "ditzy blonde" stereotype, this truly old-school performance tackles that one head-on. This is Parton in her early days when she still comes off a little green and timid, yet that doesn't stop her from coolly brushing an all-time clumsy joke from the host that falls hilariously flat with the audience.

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