Choice Cuts: DJ Gabe Mendoza's 10 Favorite Soul Records

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In a new series, Choice Cuts, Jonathan Patrick talks with artists - both local and international - about their favorite records.

As dusk lingers in the sky, DJ Gabriel Mendoza -- one Dallas' richest resources for music knowledge -- meets with me to discuss soul music. He's upbeat and enthusiastic as always, though his eyes look pinched this evening--a telltale sign of sleepless nights. "I'm tired," he tells me. "Been up till two or three each night, digging through records." Needless to say, Mendoza takes music very seriously; the sort of seriousness that's turned a passion into a lifestyle. Only in this instance, given that Mendoza is a DJ, we all share in the joy.

As a DJ, Mendoza is clinical, a technician as artist. Make no mistake, DJing is, more than anything, an art form. A medium that sees the intangibility of recorded music transfigured, made manifest as kinetic artifice. And the quality of the results that Mendoza consistently delivers makes one thing very clear: he's the real deal.

Having spun all over town and for over 10 years now, Mendoza has worked with all manner of sound. At the moment, he's engaged in several regular DJ sets, including "Away From the Numbers," "Punky Reggae Party," "Lollipopshoppe" and "Stoned Soul" (alongside Sir Scott and DJ Wild in the Streets). That's why Mendonza was a no-brainer to start this series. Conveniently enough, next month marks the two-year anniversary of "Stoned Soul" (make sure to catch the gig's anniversary set June 7th at Single Wide). Without further ado, here are DJ Gabe's Ten Favorite Soul Records:

Listen to a Spotify mix from Gabe's list here

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Go Gabe! Always a tasty play list regardless of the venue or theme... Cheers!


I happened to wander into 'Stoned Soul' one afternoon while down Greenville Ave, loved what he was spinning. Great list, both classic and stuff I need to find.

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