10 Dallas Places We'd Like to See Host Concerts

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We're cheering for these would-be concerts, too

From Deep Ellum to downtown, Fort Worth to Frisco, there are scores of great places to catch concerts throughout Dallas and the surrounding areas. Every once in a while, though, we like to let our imaginations run free. What if some of our favorite places to hang out suddenly hosted that dream performance? Or, hell, even some other oddity that would just be too good (and surreal) to pass up?

Well, we went ahead and put together our own list of places that don't host concerts but should. Mind you, that's not to say none of these locations have ever hosted a concert, nor that we want them to become full-on concert venues. But they make for some alluring prospects all the same.

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10. Firewheel Town Center
Shopping at an outdoor mall during Texas summers is hell on earth. There is no enjoyment in strolling through 100-degree weather to buy anything. Anything. So to possibly attract more business to Firewheel Town Center and make use of the empty field behind In-N-Out Burger, the mall could easily host a series of summer outdoor concerts. Think the cover shows at the Dallas Arboretum with concertgoers sitting on blankets and drinking booze, but in Garland. No, really. This could be just the perfect social boost for the city. Paige Skinner

9. The Lot
I live almost next door to The Lot, and no matter what time I drive by, this place is always packed. The appeal of dog parks, volleyball courts and a massive outdoor patio is easy for anyone to see, but why is there never any live music? I would definitely be down for listening to some good music while drinking a bunch of Velvet Hammer and eating a burger the size of my head. Amy McCarthy

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8. Dr Pepper Ballpark
People don't go to Dr Pepper Ballpark to watch a bunch of AA baseball players try to make it to the big leagues. Instead, they spend their weekends there largely because of the pool in centerfield, the relatively cheap seats, and the copious amounts of entertainment between innings to keep any child satisfied. So why not add a concert to this mix? It seems every other sports venue hosts some sort of concert or show, so Dr Pepper should also and make use of the baseball diamond after the game. PS

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7. DART Rail Stops and the M-Line Trolley
How many times must we Texans have to hear about the latest scraggly group of banjo pickers to emerge from the wide array of subway stops and stations of New York City before the DART system finally produces buskers worthy of acclaim? Old Crow Medicine Show emerged from such a subterranean realm, and look at them now. Between DART's Green, Red, Blue and Orange rail lines, there are dozens of stops - or stages, as we'd like to think of them - for Dallas' best pickers and players to catch their train bound for glory. Better yet, let's put the players on the McKinney Avenue Trolley. It'll be a tight fit, but who rides it for luxurious comfort, anyway? Kelly Dearmore

6. Fraternal Order of the Eagles
Being in the huge, always icy cold pool at the Fraternal Order of the Eagles Lodge in Lakewood is pretty incredible on its own, but wouldn't it be better with some sweet alt-country tunes in the backdrop? There's plenty of space at FOE for acts to set up their speakers in the grassy areas surrounding the pool, and the drinks are significantly cheaper (and stronger) than any bar in the area. AM

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Good list but you're forgetting Oak Point Preserve in Plano. 

Check out thetribeapp.com -- we're building a concert check in app, and are based out of Fort Work in Dallas!


UNT's Apogee Stadium would make a great venue. They talked about hosting concerts during the stadium campaign, but after almost 3 years it still hasn't held one.


I saw Jerry Lee Lewis set up out front of City Hall on Marilla. the wild night before a Texas/OU football game. and James Burton was on guitar. so there.


The FOE is not in Lakewood and the White Rock Lake Festival at Boy Scout Hill has live bands every year all weekend long.


My band has played at both the F.O.E., and Winfrey Point (for WhiteRock Racing and Dallas Running Club). They are nice places to play, even though we had to play inside the banquet room at FOE. I bet it would be awesome to play poolside during the spring or summer months.


The pool in Frisco is not in center field. It's in right. Nothing says "I've never visited" like a factual error.


I believe there have been some shows out at Winfrey Point on White Rock, and I've hosted live music at The Filter House.

They won't use Dr. Pepper Ballpark because the same folks already use the surrounding Dr. Pepper Arena and Toyota Stadium, both of which were specifically designed for live music.

Personally, I'd like to see someone upgrade the Fair Park Bandshell and start using that on a regular basis.


If Toyota Stadium was designed for music, it was done by a deaf person. It's where I attended the 2 worst-sounding concerts of my life. Love the bandshell idea, I just wish so many people weren't afraid of Fair Park.


@G_David I can't think of an outdoor stadium in Texas that has good sound. (Ever sit upstairs at Jerry World for a show?  Don't.) But the concert stage at Toyota Stadium was in the original design.

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