The 11 Best Concerts in Dallas This Week, April 28 - May 4

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Courtesy of The Hold Steady

Well look at that, the weekend came and went without a single supercell tornado in sight. If you let the old Texas weather fearmongering song and dance get to you, and spent the weekend in the fetal position in your bathtub, waiting for the end of days-- you missed out on what was probably the nicest weekend we've had in months. Luckily, our good fortune seems to be carrying over for once, and there's plenty of great live music this week to get you out there basking in the sun.

Monday, April 28, at Trees

British R&B singer songwriter Daley has been making waves with his the release of his debut album earlier this year, which includes assistance from both Pharrell and Jessie J. Tonight, he'll put the moves on Trees. Vanessa Quilantan

Foster The People
Tuesday, April 29, at South Side Music Hall

You may remember them best for that cheery little 2011 single about a horrific school shooting, but Foster The People are still at it. The "Pumped Up Kicks" peddling pop rock outfit will hit South Side Music Hall tomorrow night. VQ

The Zombies
Wednesday, April 30, at Kessler Theater

In the band's heyday in the mid-1960s, The Zombies were one of the most interesting groups of the initial British invasion. Singer Colin Blunstone and keyboardist Rod Argent created a couple of pre-psychedelic gems with "She's Not There" and "Time of the Season." After that, the hits pretty much dried up and the group disbanded -- although Argent went on to a decent solo career and Odessey and Oracle was eventually hailed as a chamber-pop cult classic. Sporadic reunions have happened over the years, but a 2010 regrouping produced the album Breathe Out, Breathe In, an effort that garnished the band its best reviews since their '60s prime. Argent and Blunstone are the lone original members of the reformed group, but their collective muse continues to push the Zombies into a promising future. Darryl Smyers

The Hold Steady
Wednesday, April 30, at Granada Theater

The Hold Steady didn't disappoint when they played the Granada in 2010, and with a fantastic new album to promote this year, the Brooklynites are bound to deliver more of the same as they return to the Lower Greenville theater. Teeth Dreams is full of songs cut from the same cloth as the band's earlier records, so the new material should mix perfectly with the profusely wordy cuts littered throughout the band's back catalog. And they always play tons of tunes. Frontman Craig Finn engages audiences in ways most frontmen don't: He feels every beat and chord change and tries his best to make you feel them the way he does. Heavily buzzed-about act Deer Tick open. Certainly a great way to finish off the month. Eric Grubbs

Scott Weiland
Wednesday, April 30, at Trees

Did you know that Stone Temple Pilots are still a band? It's true, though they are no longer your father's STP. Last year, they replaced heroin enthusiast and occasional frontman Scott Weiland with Chester Bennington, the non-rapping guy from Linkin Park. Thus Weiland is left to roam about the country peddling his solo material and probably a few STP chestnuts. Yet the Pilots' mainstream success in the mid-'90s was rooted mostly in Weiland's baritone and Eddie Vedderish affectations, vocal hallmarks that overshadowed the Zeppelinesque pretensions of the Brothers DeLeo and drummer Eric Kretz -- a bridge of sorts between '80s Sunset Strip buttrock and mass-marketed flannel shirts. Whatever that band was, its erstwhile mouthpiece descends upon Trees on Wednesday. Walking through Weiland's wicked garden is up to you and your dad.
Steve Steward

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