The 10 Best Concerts in Dallas this Weekend, April 25-27

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Get a little bit lost with George Quartz this weekend.

This weekender contains a very rare occurrence in which the majority (six out of 10) of notable live music events listed are taking place on Sunday. Maybe Dallas promoters will one day stop their tried and true method of throwing a dart at a wall calendar to pick a concert date, but until then, this Sunday will be anything but a day of rest for Dallas music fans. Pro tip: If you need to get from one show to another fast, there's a 20% off Uber discount code somewhere in this post. Thank me later, and have a great weekend, folks.

Edgefest 24
Saturday, April 26, at Toyota Stadium

The annual radio-rock gathering that is Edgefest, now in its 24th installment, has been a hit-or-miss affair for years. But the past few editions, which like this year have been held at Frisco's Toyota Stadium, have been solid. The Black Keys, Arctic Monkeys, Phoenix, Gaslight Anthem, and Deftones have been worthy headliners for the fly-by-night, no-hit wonders that fill out the bills. This year's offering, headlined by the mercurial, but always entertaining Beck, may look like a head-scratcher: Combine his latest folk-driven album, Morning Phase, with the increasingly poppy, but still rootsy, tunes of the Avett Brothers, and it's tough to recall an alt-rock stadium show ever being so freaking gentle. Dig beneath the seemingly soft surface, however, and it's doubtful Edgefest will turn into a peaceful drum circle: Cage the Elephant (who will be rightfully headlining these types of events sooner than later), Grouplove and Chvrches bring a commercially friendly brand of indie rock to bear, just in case anyone suffers too much from Folk-a-phobia. Kelly Dearmore

Vice Palace and George Quartz present: The Last Resort
Saturday, April 26, at Vice Palace

For the second installment of his three-part residency at Art Pena's newest venue space, Vice Palace, George Quartz has a few tricks up his sleeve. The high concept performance project revolves around turning Vice Palace into the Château Zodiac, which Quartz describes as "a vacation resort on a lost volcanic island within a triangular territory extending from Miami, Florida to San Juan, Puerto Rico and Bermuda." Joining in on the fun will be Austin's Silk Rodeo, DJ Travis Box, and a new side project from Def Rain's Ashley Cromeens and Diamond Age's Matt Leer called Merli E Spumante. Vanessa Quilantan

Saturday, April 26, at Trees

Warpaint's self-titled sophomore album is just plain sexy. Oh sure, you can talk about how its ambient, trip-hop, rock and acid-jazz sensibilities coalesce into something cohesive and engaging rather than just a random mess. But when a band makes a record as alluring as this Los Angeles four-piece has done, it's best not to overanalyze the details. Instead, just revel in the breathy, otherworldly performances that Emily Kokal and Theresa Wayman deliver throughout and let their dual-vocal tractor beams suck you right in. Let the stream of consciousness "Disco//very" and its cut-and-paste lyrics guide you through the lush, dreamlike landscape these ladies have created. Nod your head to the psychedelic hip-hop track "CC" and its knowing allusions to the destructive power of love: "I've been holding out for this one/Holding out for love/You've got me/So sick/Spinning/Dizzy." It's seductively spellbinding stuff. Brian Palmer

Richard Haskins & the Unmarked Graves
Saturday, April 26, at Andy's Bar

Will this be the last show ever for one of Denton's last bastions for raw and unapologetic punk rock? Richard Haskins, formerly of the Wee-Beasties, and the Unmarked Graves are true echoes of punk rock's past, conjuring the scuzzy spirit and general anti-establishment ethos of what discordant, turbo-charged bands used to exhibit. They incorporate a brass section into their heavy surf-punk stylized formula, but are by no means a ska band. It may not prove to be their last show, but for those who are up for witnessing the rarity of a notoriously vivacious Haskins performance (an especially rare occurrence given the fact that Andy's is one of the few bars left in Denton that Haskins is allowed in), there's no excuse to miss out on this golden opportunity. Aaron Ortega

The Polyphonic Spree at Earth Day Texas
Sunday, April 27, at Fair Park

The Polyphonic Spree, at somewhere around 20 members, depending on the show, consume water bottles faster than nearly any other band on the planet. Same for plane tickets and hotel beds and food and paisley-patterned cotton robes. The Spree's magnitude has formed much of the band's identity over its 13-year existence. Tim DeLaughter has often said industry types didn't know what to do with such a beast. That's debatable, given the world tours and precious metal certifications and appearances on late-night talk shows and medical sitcoms and car commercials. Kiernan Maletsky

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