The 10 Best Concerts in Dallas this Week, April 21-27

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Nicole Nodland
Lana Del Rey hits Verizon this week.

It's Monday morning after a holiday weekend, and we're all just trying to get through the day. Whether you spent the weekend record shopping, bleeding from your eyes, or observing the Sabbath, you're probably moving a little slow today. Get caffeinated, because this week is full of shows that are going to send you to work with a weekday hangover at least one day this week.

Odonis Odonis
Tuesday, April 22, at Dada

Toronto-based experimental psych punk trio Odonis Odonis put out a fantastic record this month, and have been generating tons of internet buzz ever since. Hard Boiled Soft Boiled is not just a great title for an Easter release. Sonically, it's a unique balance of spacey and industrial. Vanessa Quilantan

Jenny Robinson
Tuesday, April 22, at Sundown at The Granada

Dallas' hip-hop scene is filled with talented female artists, but Jenny Robinson brings something different to the table. Her raw and unapologetic sensuality radiates through her stage performance, and seduces you into her wordplay. This week, she'll headline Blake Ward's 2013 Dallas Observer Music Award-winning weekly at Sundown at The Granada. VQ

Wednesday, April 23, at Granada Theater

With his thick Scottish accent and humorous remarks, Stuart Braithwaite, leader of the post-rock instrumental band Mogwai, comes across as a likable rogue. Considering that his band's stock and trade is music that features dense and distorted waves of noise and feedback, Braithwaite's easygoing candor is unexpected. But a quick glance at Mogwai's album and song titles will let you know that, although the music may be serious, there's a deep undercurrent of humor to the band's psyche. Darryl Smyers

Lana Del Rey
Wednesday, April 23, at Verizon Theatre at Grand Prairie

Like one of David Lynch's noir dolls, Lana Del Rey cuts a very specific aesthetic figure, an image of glamour that finds romance in vulnerability, fatalism and death. She's a pop singer -- a person named Lizzy Grant -- buried in uncertainty and blind ambition, a cultural cul-de-sac whose only outlet is a bank account. But is it really just all smoke and mirrors? Built or born, it doesn't really matter when the form's this stylistically lucid, this strangely appealing -- abhorrent and fascinating in a single shade. It'd be mad to refuse a thrill this curious simply because she might want to be inauthentic, a performer. Lana Del Rey is a product all right, a product all her own. Jonathan Patrick

Thursday, April 24, at House of Blues

Mainstream alternative's sister band mate darlings will be at House of Blue this Thursday for a family affair. Their specific brand of rock-structured pop melodies have catapulted them to notoriety in the couple of years. VQ

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