Spider One from Powerman 5000 on Being Rob Zombie's Brother and Appearing on Beverly Hills, 90210

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David Block
Spider One from Powerman 5000

Even though he fronts the sonically aggressive electro-metal band Powerman 5000, Spider One (AKA Michael David Cummings) is a thoughtful and downright restrained individual. I guess you have to have a cool head to keep some form of a band going for 23 years. Over that time, Powerman 5000 has released nine slabs of intense industrial metal, including 1999's Tonight the Stars Revolt, one of the genre's signature statements.

Speaking from the tour bus in New Mexico and in anticipation of Sunday night's performance at Trees, Spider One spoke with DC9 about everything from being Rob Zombie's brother to how he got to be on the original Beverly Hills, 90210.

DC9: Does anyone call you Michael?

Spider One: No, if anyone did, I wouldn't even turn around.

What about family members?

Maybe Mom, but that's about it. Other than that, I never hear Michael. That is pretty funny. I wouldn't even respond to it. To be completely honest, I don't actually remember where the name Spider came from. It's one of those things. Before Powerman, I had a short-lived band called Spider Baby. I think I got the name then and it never went away. I guess for better or worse, I am stuck with it forever.

You've played Trees several times before, haven't you?

Yes, we loved Trees. We've played there many times over the years. Texas, in general, has always been kind to us. Dallas is usually rocking. Trees is such a good spot. I think it is the loudest spot in America.

When will the new album, Builders of the Future, come out?

New record comes out May 22. The single, "How to Be Human" is already out. We're eagerly awaiting this new album to hit the stores.

Any stylistic differences with albums you've released in the past?

Yes and no. We have settled in to what we do best, that electronic metal sound that we sort of established. We've experimented with things over the years, but we've always come back around to that sound we do best. People seem to dig that sound. Now, we are trying to do it better, weirder and louder. There are some surprises on this record, but we are trying to stick to the plan.

You've gone through quite a few band members. Who is involved on this tour?

It's basically the same lineup I've had for the past year or so. You're right. We have definitely seen a lot of faces over the years, but we have also been a band since the early '90s. It's not the easiest thing to keep a band together for that long. There are definitely advantages to changing members. Everyone brings in new ideas, their own influences and vibe. It keeps the band fresh and new every time we make a record.

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