Absolutely Everything You Could Want to Know About the Official Beer of the Toadies

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Courtesy Martin House Brewing Company
Last Thursday, the Toadies played Irving Plaza in Manhattan with Battleme and Supersuckers. Friday, they were off to famed Asbury Park venue Stone Pony before playing a few more east coast dates and heading back home to Dallas, where they'll appear next week as headliners for the fifth annual Homegrown Festival. And, one presumes, the entire time they've been drinking case after case of the official beer they inspired, Rubberneck Red from Martin House Brewing Company in Ft. Worth.

Rubberneck is, of course, Toadies' debut album that went platinum on the back of smash hits like "Possum Kingdom," "I Come From the Water," and "Tyler." The remastered 20th anniversary of Rubberneck was released on Kirtland Records on April 1. The band is Kelly Clarkson's favorite of all time. Of course, you know all this.

You want to hear more about this beer.



  • Rubberneck Red comes in 16oz cans, instead of the standard 12. This allows an extra three quarts of beer per case.
  • It comes from the water. Says it right on the can.
Can of Rubberneck Red on my desk

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