5 North Texas Rap Acts You Need To Know Now

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Dustin Cavazos

North Texas pumps out some of hip-hop's most artistic and underrated artists. Don't believe us, please refer to the release of the hip-hop documentary We From Dallas. Being creative spawns in an area more times than not overlooked on rap's national scale, new age artists are emerging that aren't afraid to expand upon the experimental territories of The D.O.C, Erykah Badu, Play.N.Skillz, Dorrough, and yes, Vanilla Ice. Hopefully this won't be the first time you've heard the following five artists, but if it is, we're not judging. If you don't know, now you'll know.

Brandon Smith.

Brandon Smith is no glitz, no fancy pseudonym, and all purpose. Since unleashing his 2013 debut mixtape, Peru, Smith has been surrounded by local buzz for not only his immaculate neo-trap production skills but also his socially conscious lyrical content that goes deeper than most of his peers and predecessors. With a swift May 14 release, the 16-year-old Dallas MC/producer returns with his #LifeGetsBetter project. The mixtape, once again produced by Smith, seems poised to advance his precocious talents through positive influence, revolutionary messages, and dope beats.

Honey the Hippie.

There's something about Honey, something fiercely refreshing. A Houston native with a credited connection to North Texas' creative vibes, Honey made a name for herself last year with her floetic storytelling, bloodthirsty YouTube freestyles, and buzzworthy music videos for tracks "Psychadelic" and "Ride". In the months following her pseudo-trippy entry into North Texas' hip-hop arena, the lyricist dropped her first mixtape, Peace of Mind, showed up at SXSW and just recently was featured in The Source magazine. A trill paradox between "middle fingers and peace signs", Honey the Hippie is up next.

The Union.

Hailing from Fort Worth, The Union is a hip-hop collective featuring MCs T. Clair, Myles J., and Coakley. Stylistically combining the new waves of North Texas and Houston, the group's sound is usually a mix of banging grit and chilled trill. Following the release of their debut LP, 2012's Mind Wine, remixed version of their singles were chopped, screwed, ripped, and flipped around Texas by DJ's who were drawn to their hybrid sound. Recently they've released two singles from #EuroLux, the group's highly anticipated LP scheduled to be released in 2014.

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