Tyler, The Creator's Ten Best Tracks

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With a virulent wit, a deep antipathy for authority and a boiling paradox of emotions, Tyler has made some of the most controversial music of the 21st century. Far from mere shock fodder, his music reflects not only internal vulnerability and brokenness, but also the ever-fragmenting moods, morals and frustration of the millennial generation.

Oh, and it's just really funny and damn good too. For the uninitiated: Think Iggy Pop as charming hip-hop punk. He's been called violent, sexist, homophobic, sophomoric, et al -- basically every negative descriptor typically aimed at hip-hop artists, and then some. But maybe, just maybe, he's a kid having some fun not taking himself too seriously, all the while expressing the outrage and unsavory humor of America's youth. You can witness Tyler's theatrical persona and cartoon antics for yourself in the flesh, when he plays Dallas' House of Blues this Saturday. Put down the microscope and suspend your sensitivity for a moment, as we preview Tyler's performance by presenting his 10 best tracks.



Sonically, French recalls Public Enemy's apocalyptic sound design. Lyrically, it's the sort of grotesque, sexually macabre spatter that's made Tyler the fear of every right-minded parent in America.


Arguably Tyler's most hook-heavy delivery.



This cut sees Tyler's entire Odd Future troupe share the spotlight. Warm, backpack-era instrumentals background the crew as they unfold their least purple, but most knotted lyrical turns.

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