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Cover bands, impersonators, tribute bands, they're often the next best thing to the original act. Tickets are cheaper, and lines are usually nonexistent to get inside the club. Some of the band members even look and sound as if they're channeling their idols as their instruments ignite the stage. Zoso (Led Zepplin), Live Wire (AC/DC) and Strutter (KISS) are just some of the more popular ones enjoying the scrapes of fruit left behind by the originals.

They're often filled with members from other local bands. They can be found playing bars, restaurants, libraries and small town festivals. Some acts spend years perfecting the feel of the original's music, the look of the band from the replica shades/cowboy hat combo to the right color of makeup and hair extension. Struggling garage bands have also been known to play covers just to get into a bar, slipping an original or two into the set list, while popular bands have been known to cover other legendary musicians songs like Gwar's rendition of "Carry On Wayward Son."

Dallas has its fair share of cover/tribute bands playing bar after bar, night after night. Kill 'Em All, A Hard Days Night and Kissteria are just a few making appearances. To some, "the only reason for a cover band to exist is to make money and watch the crazy shit that goes down at weddings," while others feel it's the love, the passion, the obsession to channel their idols that make some of them successful. It's even better when the musicians allow their style to supercharge the original composition with slight modifications. Sometimes they evoke memories of the original lineup in a such a way it's hard to tell the difference between the two.

And there's just something about hearing a cover band play memorable songs. It's like their keeping the music alive for generations to come. It's an unsung art form, a subculture within a subculture. So in honor of these unsung hard working musicians, we've listed a few of our favorite acts from across the North Texas area.

Room 213

This female-fronted cover band was the brainchild of Donovan Warren, former lead singer of 100 Proof Hatred, and his friend Jennifer Norred. In between gigs with his band, Warren and Norred would jam with other friends and her husband, Hollis, playing covers by Pat Benatar, Motley Crue and ZZ Top with a heavier tone.

"We were all together," Norred says, "and we wanted to just do this and have fun." But Warren died last year before the cover band could play their first official gig at The Rail Club. A few months later, Norred decided to continue with her and Donovan's project. She's joined by Hollis, a former guitarist of 100 Proof Hatred, Dale Spuzzillo, Jr. (guitar), Bart Windsor (drums) and Jerry Galvan, current bassist for 100 Proof Hatred. They played their first show a few weeks ago and gave fans a taste of familiar rock-in-roll tunes tainted by metal. "Classic rock in a current style," Norred says. "It's our love and joy, our passion." It's a nice change. They'll be opening for Back In Black on Saturday night at The Rail Club.

Red Leather

This troupe of musicians is led by Chaz Knight, a former Radio DJ and host of the Live and Local Show on 97.1 the Eagle. The band says club owners, bartenders, wait staff and music fans from across North Texas claim this troupe is "DFW's Number 1 Party Band." Playing hits from the '80s and '90s by bands such as AC/DC, Ratt and Van Halen, these guys have toured with Warrant, Pretty Boy Floyd and Thin Lizzy. They're a good cover band to tip a few beers to on a Friday night, smoke a few... um, cigarettes and reminisce about the golden years before thrash metal changed everything.

Primal Concrete Cowboys

These metal heads took a chance assuming the mantle of a Pantera tribute band, mastering Dimebag's riffs takes a guitarslinger with fingers that sometimes break the sound barrier as they travel down the neck. Jim Crye, an economics teacher in Fort Worth, follows the Arlington legend's lead masterfully. Since Dimebag's death nearly 10 years ago, a Pantera reunion show with Vinnie, Phil and Rex is nothing more than a pipe dream. Fans longing to relive those old Pantera days should check these guys out. They're nowhere near the originals, but they're the next best thing.

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Straight Tequila Night is some greatness


No Beatles represented? Me and my monkey are my local favorite.


You have to have NOTHING going for you to see any of these bands.........also,regular KISS sucks, why in tarnation would I want to see a KISS coverband?   The only thing worse than a KISS coverband is a Nickelback or Creed coveband; maybe a Toby Keith coverband. 


Texas Flood - dude does SRV better than SRV did.



Hypothetical Saturday night activity either/or.  Kergs/Scott Reitz JOS.  Getting drinks poured by fedora wearing douches, eating from food trucks, and listening to Reitz drone on an on about how all of it was better than getting a beej while watching football.  OR... attending a triple bill with two of the above listed bands and, as the headliner, THE HOTTEST BAND IN THE WORLD.... KISS!!!!!!!  

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