The Slip Inn To Close This Weekend

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Expect a packed house for The Slip Inn's last weekend on McMillan Ave

This weekend marks the end of an era in Dallas nightlife. Come Monday, Henderson Avenue staple, The Slip Inn, will close its doors after fifteen years at the 1806 McMillan Avenue location. But fret not, the local favorite does plan to reopen at a new location within the next three to four months.

"We have decided to move Slip Inn because we are ready to evolve a bit." says Rosanne Dileo, Director of Operations for The Slip Inn and Vickery Park, "We're ready for a higher capacity, better parking, and better bathrooms."

The Slip Inn, which is notorious for hosting some of the best old school hip hop DJ sets in the city, has been a long time favorite amongst Dallas nightlife patrons. This weekend, resident DJ Rob Viktum will be wrapping up the club's last huzzah by spinning straight classic hip hop and boom-bap beats until it's time to close the doors for good.

Owners have already been touring possible new locations, but Dileo assures us that they are being very particular in the selection process, and do not plan to relocate again after a new home for The Slip Inn is found.

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that sucks.. this move will be the end of the slip inn. 


the biergarten administered a death blow.

curious to see where they relocate...?

wishing good luck to the staff & such & so forth & stuff



I drove by there last week and the Slip Inn and the convenience store next to it looked to be one big place with a "Beirgarten" sign above it.

Was I dreaming or is the DO a week behind? It really looked like the Slip Inn was already gone.

I used to go there occasionally when my ex would drag me there. I never thought that it was anything special. I'm not really into hip hop music, so maybe that's why.


Does this mean Mitche's is going to come back?

Please, please, please, oh please. 

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