Mike Brooks: Meet the Best Music Photographers in North Texas

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Mike Brooks http://commiebiker.smugmug.com/

Earlier, we introduced you to our 12 favorite music photographers in North Texas. We got more than 50 nominations, and our team of expert judges narrowed it down to these 12. Over the next two weeks, we'll be introducing you to each of the finalists in turn by having them share five of their favorite concert photos and answering a few questions about their process and passion. First up is Mike Brooks, whose work can be viewed from his website, http://commiebiker.smugmug.com/

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Mike, what's the best thing about live music?

In my mind, live music is about an artist establishing a connection with an audience. I love rock music, and when it is best there is an intense tribal, celebratory bonding going on between the stage and the floor. I don't really like EDM, and I'm pretty ignorant when it comes to rap, but if you can get a big crowd up on its feet, then I want to shoot it. Jazz, folk, classical, it doesn't matter. It's the communal buzz that has made live music and performance a part of the human condition since we stopped walking around on all fours. Once that connection is made---zap---go get a picture that captures it.

Mike Brooks http://commiebiker.smugmug.com/

What makes a great concert photo?

Like any other photograph, a good music shot has to have good lighting and composition. And a really good photograph always has a little mystery or surprise in the details. Live music is about vibe and energy, and that comes at you from all directions ... make sure you are looking in all directions. My basic advice to anyone who wants to have more interesting music photos is to stop taking 500 shoots of the lead singer while ignoring everything else going on.

What's the strangest thing that has happened to you while photographing live music?

You mean like the time I was part of a conga line with Edie Brickell and the Blanco High School marching band?

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epic images. to quote Justin Turveen, "Mike Brooks always gets the shot."


Saw this win coming from a mile away. His photos are mesmerizing. 


@JohnJay24  thanks you :) but this is just a preview...there are 11 more good photographers yet to come..it will be a good couple of weeks to look at music shots!

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