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Kevin Buchanan Flickr

Earlier, we introduced you to our 12 favorite music photographers in North Texas. We got more than 50 nominations, and our team of expert judges narrowed it down to these 12. Over the next two weeks, we'll be introducing you to each of the finalists in turn by having them share five of their favorite concert photos and answering a few questions about their process and passion. Next up is Kevin Buchanan, whose work can be viewed from hisFlickr.

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Kevin, what's the best thing about live music?

Besides the obvious thrill of loud music in your face, I just love the feeling of watching a great musician/performer doing their thing right there in front of you. Knowing that what you're seeing is unique, and will never quite be replicated any other night.

Kevin Buchanan Flickr

What makes a great concert photo?

I like a photo that captures a unique moment in the concert, or something that really captures the essence of the artist. I'm not much on razor sharpness or lots of post-processing. I prefer to work around the limitations of lighting, venue arrangement, etc. to get something that tells a story of how it feels to be seeing that performer. I will abandon all sorts of technical perfection to get the sort of feel and emotion I'm after.

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How did this get changed to best "music" photographers?  I thought it started out as the best "concert" photographers?!?  There's definitely a difference, and I'm sure it would've affected the nominations, had you labeled it as "music photographers" from the beginning.  People like AV Smith and James Bland that have done so many amazing local and national album covers would've surely been nominated, had you gone with the wider label from the start.  Heck, even Dylan Hollingsworth, who doesn't really shoot concerts but did the great Sarah Jaffe album cover, might've been nominated.  So, what is it... best concert photog, or best music photog?

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