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Karlo X. Ramos

Earlier, we introduced you to our 12 favorite music photographers in North Texas. We got more than 50 nominations, and our team of expert judges narrowed it down to these 12. Over the next two weeks, we'll be introducing you to each of the finalists in turn by having them share five of their favorite concert photos and answering a few questions about their process and passion. Next up is Karlo X. Ramos, whose work can be viewed from his website,

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Karlo, what's the best thing about live music?

I think that the best thing about live music is the effect that it has in your mood and how that translates to the collective. To me live music and shows serve the purpose of uniting people though experiences. It gives people something to talk about and to relate creating memories by association of times good or bad.

Karlo X. Ramos

What makes a great concert photo?

I think what makes a great photo is the element of connection. It doesn't matter where it comes from. Whether is the performer connecting with himself during a very personal song or just exploding, raging and flying off the stage and into the crowd it doesn't matter as long as there's that exchange of emotions. To me that comes first because if you can spot those moments then I believe you have given a meaning and a purpose to your capture. Granted, you have to know the settings of you camera and a knowledge of how things work in order to create a exposure but like anything mechanic those skills come with practice you'll find that the more you do it the better you get, like most things.

What drives me when photographing, I guess is the feel that you are embracing the unpredictable. The rush of making a work of art that documents the moment in time. Out there you have no control over lights, over posing, over the amount of time you are in the pit. NOTHING! The only thing that you control is when your shutter clicks and how much light you let in. I think that's enough to make magic.

What's the strangest thing that has happened to you while photographing live music?

I think the strangest thing lately was fans throwing panties and bras to the stage i though it was a lost form of admiration from old rock and roll days. However it seems to be making a comeback. Other than that business as usual beer cans flying, people getting drop kicked and tackled while couples make out in the pit. You know normal stuff.

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