The 11 Best Things We Overheard At Thin Line Film and Music Festival

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Ed Steele
Festivals bring out the best in people. So, whenever there are four days and nights of independent films, a wide spectrum of music and Denton streets filled with every variation of plaid, there's bound to be some interesting things being whispered to a friend or screamed to the entire crowd. Put on your all access pass and look back at some of the random, quote-worthy moments as this year's Thin Line Film and Music Festival.

11. "I swear the last time I came here for a show there was a 300-pound dude doing punk in a bedazzled thong. It doesn't get too much more punk than Rich."

~ Fan waiting on the Code Talkers set to start.

10. "I like these kinda shows where I can get on stage, do my thing, and people just walk up and bring me drinks."

~ Snow Tha Product closing her Thursday night set in the Thin Line tent.

Ed Steele

9. "No one in this theater clapped with me for this amazingness?! Damn near standing ovation for the dancing dogs, but for this I can barely get a slow clap started. Fuck it!"

~Disappointed critic following the closing credits of The Last Safari documentary.

8.'"She learned today! You step into my p-poppin arena and you leave with a hurt twerk!!!"

~Winner of a Booty Fade produced battle of the butts Thursday night.

7. "OH MY GOD!!!! Please tell me someboy's turned in my wallet to y'all!"

"Uhm, not unless it has a long silver attached to it."

"Honestly, I could've lost it somewhere yesterday for all I know. I'm getting my pearl snapped right now, I don't need money."

~Patron talking to Sweetwater Bar & Grill staff during PurlSnapShirts' acoustic set.

Ed Steele

6. "Yea, Rapsody is a dope MC and a real lyricist but since she's not willing to dance on chairs in the middle of Antarctica, she'll stay underground. Sometimes it's just better that way."

~Hip-hop debate outside of the Friday night showing of "Culture Over Everything".

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