Why Memphis May Fire is Touring Right Before the New Album Comes Out

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Jerry John
Memphis May Fire
Replacing a lead singer is no easy feat. Just ask Matty Mullins. Born and raised outside of Seattle, Washington, Mullins became the second frontman for Dallas' own Memphis May Fire back in 2008. Since then, the band has continued to expand its fan base while maturing and incorporating new themes into its metalcore sound.

Speaking from his home in Seattle and in anticipation of tonight's show at The Door, Mullins spoke with DC9 about the band's evolution and how, early on, it was a nerve-wrecking challenge to fill another man's shoes.

Do you consider Memphis May Fire to be a Dallas band?

Well, I live in Seattle and that's where I am from. The original line up was really short lived. Our guitarist, Kellen [McGregor], who writes the majority of the music, he was born and raised in Dallas. We still use Dallas as our home town and as the place for rehearsals. We all just live in different areas. Everybody can live where ever they want. Any time we practice or start a tour, we all fly into Dallas. Our guitar player and bass player have connections in the Dallas area. It will always be our home town. When I first joined the band, I moved to Dallas. The city really incubated the band. It has always been great to us. Without the music scene in Dallas, we would have never gotten our start.

Do you think Dallas has a major scene for metal?

I guess some people wouldn't, but bands like Pantera took the area metal scene to another level. If you are not a part of the metal scene, I don't know if Dallas comes to mind. But if you have ever played in Dallas, you know that the metal bands go at it 100% and they will all take care of you.

How often do people think the band is from Memphis?

All of the time; that's the first thing people ask us. We tell them that the band name has absolutely nothing to do with where we are from. That's been a problem since conception; that's for sure.

Where did the name come from?

It actually doesn't have much of a meaning at all. Years and years ago, with the old line up, the name was Oh Captain, My Captain. When they went to sign their first record deal, they found that another band overseas had already copyrighted that name. In order to sign the record deal and get everything done, they had to come up with a new name that week. Everybody got together to figure out what the band should be called. They couldn't come to an agreement. Each member put in one word and the name became Memphis May Fire.

There seems to be a lot of metalcore acts with three words in their name.

There are a lot of metalcore bands with really crappy names. I am not saying Memphis May Fire is the best name ever, but it works for us and it rolls off the tongue. People in the industry have told us that we should have changed our name, but we never did because we like it so much. It has worked out very well for us.

You replaced original singer Chase Ryan. Is it more difficult to be a replacement for a vocalist than any other band member?

Absolutely, especially because the fans in Dallas knew that I wasn't a boy from Texas. I came from Spokane, Washington. It was hard because the band was looked up to by the area metal scene. The band had had success with the original vocalist. Even though his time in the band was really short-lived, what he did for the band was great and he helped give the band their initial boost. Some people were very skeptical of me joining. We had a major falling out with just about everybody who worked with the band. A lot of people say there is no way a band can survive losing their original singer. It is very rare. We had to reprove ourselves. We had to work from the ground up after I joined. But I believed in the music that Kellen wrote. I knew what I was capable of bringing to the table. It was definitely tough, but we got through it. I think it got bigger than it ever would have done with the original line-up.

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