KNON's Mark Ridlen a.k.a. DJ Mr. Rid, on the Thrill of Vinyl

Sonic Assmebly's Mark Ridlen, aka DJ Mr. Rid.
He's known as "DJ Deluxe" at weddings and parties, and "DJ Mr. Rid" at local music gigs and at his rather cool all-vinyl Monday residency at the Double Wide. He's known as Mark Ridlen when he co-hosts a radio show with Reid Robinson on FM 89.3 KNON called Sonic Assembly Power Hour, which airs Tuesdays from 10 p.m. to midnight. What does Mom call him? She doesn't call him anymore, probably. He's too damn busy to talk, is my guess.

So, give us the run down of what all you do!

I am a musician, producer, filmmaker, photographer, painter, party maker and DJ. I have been playing music for people ever since I was 5 years old. Teenage girls would bring their records over while babysitting me and I'd play them on our patio while they danced with their friends. Things got out of hand one night when one of their boyfriends tripped while dancing and landed face first busting open his mouth. The next day my mom saw the blood stains and put the kibosh on future record parties.

Ha! How about when you got a little older?

In the early '80s I started making mixtapes for vintage clothing stores and various friends which landed me a gig at the Starck Club when it first opened in 1984, and also when the Starck briefly repoened in '96. At that time, I had started programming music for soundtracks, fashion events and friends' weddings. This turned into which is still my full time occupation.

You're also one of the biggest carriers of the vinyl flag! Tell us more about your DJ gig that centers around vinyl.

I was gigging regularly at the Double Wide in 2007 when I came up with Singles Nite, a monthly bring your own 7" records party. I got the idea from my elementary school music class where on the last day of school we could all bring a record that the teacher would play for the whole class. Last year I decided to elaborate on that and change the name to Vinyl Tap due to confused people thinking it was a singles dating group! Double Wide's owner Kim Finch suggested it be weekly and include vendors and collectors buying, selling and trading vinyl along with other ephemera. Cassettes and VHS tapes are big again, so I've been encouraging people to bring those out as well.

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Very nice article but it omitted that I have a new band Leghorn that will be playing out this spring and Lithium Xmas is currently active again with new recordings and plans for a reunion show next year.    

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