Premiere: Home By Hovercraft's New Song for An Ambitious Texas Music Collaboration

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Collage for Versus Project by Shawn Magill
There are album releases and then there are collaboration and then there is The Versus Project. The cliff notes version is that Austin's Borrisokane decided to put out a new album, and then they decided to share the process with six other Texas bands.

On April 25, Oscillation Records will release the Project in a six EP box set, where each EP has one new song by Borrisokane, one new song by the collaborating band and each band covering an older song by the other. It's a lot going on, so for now we'll focus on one song from one of the EPs: Dallas' Home By Hovercraft covering Borrisokane's "Thank You For Being So Nice and Cooperative," which makes its official debut right here:

So again, that will be one of four songs on one of six EPs included in The Versus Project box set. You can hear Borrisokane's original version of the track here.

The full roster of bands participating in this thing is:
Young Tongue (formerly The Baker Family)
Home By Hovercraft
Major Major Major

A couple of the other tracks are out now as well -- you can hear those on The Versus Projects' spare web site.

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