20 Reasons Denton Is a Music Fan's Paradise

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Ed Steele
We do not know if you can buy, say, a taco with a song in Denton. We haven't tried it. But we wouldn't be surprised if you could.

You can see Denton's musical influence all over North Texas. It's where so many of our best musicians found their voices, where our promoters and venue owners and, yes, media members got their start. But it's also where so many of them stayed, and there are certain shows and certain weekends where little d feels like the epicenter of something big enough to cover the earth.

We, the writers of DC9 at Night, got together and shared a few of our favorite things about our neighbor to the north. Some are directly about a specific music experience one of us has had there, some are more general.

20. Its city council members go to and host shows regularly (specifically Kevin Roden and Pete Kamp).

19. Half of all the parties are house shows.

Ed Steele

18. To drink anywhere you have to be part of a club, and everyone loves being part of a club.

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17. The best time I saw The Walkmen was when they played Hailey's.

Ed Steele

16. Oaktopia, Thin Line, 35 Denton (welcome back!), The Denton Arts and Jazz Festival...

15. J&J's Pizza.

14. Your favorite musician is probably also your bartender.

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Some churches meet in those bars! True story.


111+ churches.  I don't know about that "more bars than churches" thing. 


I never worry about getting mugged on the Denton Square in the evening, unlike Deep Ellum.


20 Reasons Denton Is a Music Fan's Paradise - said no one ever. Deep Ellum and Austin must be feeling hurt by the Observer's clear man love for Denton!

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