The 11 Best Concerts in Dallas This Week, February 24 - March 2

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Pixies will be here this week, give or take a female bassist.

Dallas, do not be alarmed. I know this is a shift in your regular scheduled programming. Your eyes do not deceive you, we are indeed rolling out your weekly concerts post on a Monday, rather than the usual Thursday post. We're trying out something a little different. From here on out, we will have your best live music picks of the week ready for you every Monday morning, but we'll still have a regular Thursday post of concert picks for the weekend as well. We're hoping this new set up makes it easier to plan your week, and harder to miss the gems on Dallas' weekly show calendar. So start your Monday off turned up to 11, with our eleven best concert picks for this week.

Angel Olson
Monday, February 24, at Three Links

Chicago-based songstress Angel Olsen has written one of the most critically acclaimed indie rock albums of the year with "Burn Your Fire for No Witness". This week at Three Links, Olsen brings her melancholy charm and jangly guitar to a Dallas audience. Vanessa Quilantan

Jonathan Wilson
Tuesday, February 25, at Dada

Working in a new vein of songwriters who fell in love with the clarity and simplicity of '70s folk titans, Jonathan Wilson brings remarkable wisdom to his craft. He's working on a Roy Harper tribute album alongside people like Will Oldham and Dawes, and that tells you most of what you need to know. Kiernan Maletsky

Leslie & The LY's
Wednesday, February 26, at Dada

Leslie Hall is a whole lot of woman. She owns many jazzy gem-adorned sweatshirts, looks bewitching in blue eye shadow, and makes very strange yet completely hypnotizing comedic pop music. If you like Tim and Eric, this is better than that. VQ

Terminator 2
Wednesday, February 26, at Three Links

King Camel Productions have been doing Deep Ellum right with their Local Education series at Three Links. They consistently highlight some of Dallas music's most interesting new voices, and their sixth installment will be no different. Terminator 2, Vulgar Fashion, and Hex Cult share the bill this week. All three acts are known for engaging and visceral live shows, making this one of the week's best curated lineups. VQ

Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings
Thursday, February 27, at Granada Theater

True, grooving and heart-tugging soul music is enjoying a remarkable run these days. Buzzed-about bands such as Alabama Shakes, Mayer Hawthorne and St. Paul and the Broken Bones have blended R&B, blues, rock and roots to create a verdant form of the sound Motown and Stax artists perfected decades ago. Recent releases from Charles Bradley and Lee Fields and the Expressions have only added to the richness of the soul-trove. But it's not a stretch to suggest that Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings have provided the gateway for rock, indie and hip-hop fans to shake their butt through as they dig into the exciting crop of artists baring solid soul. Jones isn't new to this, by any means. While Jones has been recording with the Dap Kings for over a decade, it is the collective's most recent release, Give the People What they Want, which represents perhaps their strongest statement to date. Though it was recorded before she underwent intense (and successful) treatment for Pancreatic Cancer last year, it's impossible to not feel the joy of victory in what Rolling Stone calls "an instant soul-party." The story here isn't Jones' health - it's her spirit, and indeed, her strength of soul. Kelly Dearmore

Friday, February 28, at South Side Music Hall

Asked if it felt strange recording material and writing new songs twenty-five years from the first Pixies release, guitarist Joey Santiago says, "It was no different from what we did in the past. It's like, 'What time am I fixing the overdubs? What time am I fixing my shit?'" Santiago thinks such a consistent approach comes from the band's blue-collar background. "We're from New England, we still have that work ethic, y'know? We're all working class band members. The hardest thing other bands did was try to look poor." Gavin Cleaver

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If you aren't going to the Pixies, definitely go support for the love of Bruce at Rubber Gloves. All good people over there.

Now after saying that, that King Camel character sure is great, haha!

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