Yung Nation's B. Reed Got Shot in the Leg and Played a Show the Next Day

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Courtesy of Yung Nation

On January 25, Yung Nation tweeted that one of the duo, Brandon Reed, aka B. Reed, was shot.

Luckily, the Duncanville native is in good condition now, and even performed at a show at the Frisco Arts Center less than 24 hours after being shot.

We talked to Yung Nation manager Phillip Ward, aka DJ Merk, for more information. Merk said Yung Nation was performing at the Getaway Club in Sherman for a small-town show on Friday, January 24. A stranger was "starting stuff with everybody and he made his way to Yung Nation, of course, and that's when it escalated." Exact details are unclear. Merk says that his understanding is that, "B. Reed left something in the club and tried to go get it and they shot him in the leg and the bullet went right through his thigh and out the other side."

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he's certainly standing better than his story.

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