How Turquoise Jeep Makes Lifetime Believers Out of Math Teachers and Hip-Hop Heads Alike

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Mike Brooks
Naughty farmers, contagious dance routines, hyper real costumed comedy, and lots of stretchy pants all come to mind when thinking of part-time viral sensation and full-time musical group Turquoise Jeep. And on their January 26 stop in Dallas for the Turquoise Dreams Tour, both the group and fans expressed why they would forever keep the jeep riding in favor of just having fun.

If by chance you've somehow managed to keep yourself out of Turquoise Jeep's YouTube lane over the past few years, it's important to know a few things. They're an independent ensemble of musical artists, they're the perfect example of the internet's influence on fan-to-artist interactions and they aren't afraid to put pride aside to put a smile on someone's face.

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The show started with crowd-moving opening performances by multilingual Jewish MC, Kosha Dillz, and experimental electro dance duo, Yip Deceiver. Followed by the all-important moment, the first "Tummy Scratch Beat" vibrated off the stage in Deep Ellum's crowded Club Dada, forcing fans into eruptions of lyrical unison with the entrance of group members Pretty Raheem and Flynt Flossy (also known as Your Favorite Rapper). The room was filled with pop-locked choreography and legions of bouncing turquoise bandanas. The group has already created an experience that makes their music videos look like the tip of the neon iceberg.

"Until you experience us on stage, you can't truly understand what we have to offer as performers and artists," explains expert smanger, Yung Humma. "You can log in and see the videos we've been putting out for years now, but our live performances are where fans and even doubters becomes Jeep Riders.

"Jeep Riders," the alias Turquoise Jeep affectionately lends their millions of followers, represents a rolling movement that explains the group's diverse fan-base. Jeep Rider C-Nasty (Corey) knew nothing about the movement until his Algebra 1 students urged him to check out their videos. Fast forward two years and C-Nasty is center stage screaming every lyric over the sound of his clinking gold chain.

Turquoise Jeep
Jeep Rider C-Nasty a.k.a Corey

Parts of the show expressed the group's sensual side with the performance of songs like the aptly titled "Licky Sticky." But with low red lights and a stage with four seated female Jeep Riders, the scene connected directly to what the group's name stands for.

"We're collectively Turquoise Jeep because turquoise is the color of serenity, and we're some pretty chill dudes" explains group creator Flynt Flossy. "And the jeep represents how we're not just a group that was thrown together but we actually ride together for whatever happens, and once you hop aboard the jeep, we'll ride for you too."

Turquoise Jeep_KTJR

These sentiments of fan dedication seemed infectious with the sea of group merchandise that decorated the crowd. In the electric mosh pit of fist pumps there pumped Trill Collins (Rachel), who travelled from Houston to catch the Jeep's nearest tour stop. "What I love most about Turquoise Jeep is they're hip-hop hybrids that are serious about what they do," yells Trill during one of the group's interludes. "But they still showcase that whole aspect of fun that a lot of rap is overlooking for the flashiness." She goes on to explain that Flynt Flossy became her favorite rapper after SXSW last year, and Lil' Wayne was demoted to a close second place.

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