Antiphon by Midlake: The Best North Texas Album of 2013, According to Our Readers

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Brantley Gutierrez
As we near the end of our coverage of the year that was, we've gathered the votes (over 300) on the finalists for North Texas Album of the Year. Among those featured were remarkable statements from new bands (like Radioactivity's self-titled release), and Midlake's Antiphon wasn't the only surprisingly forward-looking album by a heavyweight.

But it was your favorite, by a hefty margin.

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The Denton band found itself at a crossroads on this release, recording new material with its new lineup at a pace somewhat less leisurely than they might have hoped. But the results were a relief to fans: distinctly Midlake, lush and clever. The band scored a few opening spots for Pearl Jam and now enjoys as much momentum as it ever has.

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