Win the Best Seats at the North Texas Hip-Hop Showcase By Doing a Good Deed

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Mike Brooks
-topic (right) and KoolQuise at Fun Fun Fun Fest 2013.
Friday, Friday, Friday! The North Texas Hip-Hop Showcase, presented by us here at the Dallas Observer, brings heavyweights under the bright lights at the Granada Theater. In addition to -topic (pictured above), the show will feature Blue, The Misfit, Sam Lao, Lord Byron, Jaeson Green, AV the Great and your headliner, A.Dd+. The surprises planned will actually surprise you, I promise.

Tickets are $15 and you can buy them here. There's also a VIP package that's so exclusive only four spots are available and they aren't for sale. You have to win them right here.

Enter to win by doing a good deed for North Texas Hip-Hop. Buy a ticket to someone's show (definitely doesn't have to be this one), buy an album, put up some fliers, tell your Facebook friends about your favorite rapper or hip-hop night, whatever you can think of.

In order to win, Tell us what you did in the comments below, on Facebook or Twitter. You don't have to provide proof, necessarily, but those who do will have a better chance at the prize. We'll pick two winners based on creativity, energy and probably some arbitrary whims. You have until Thursday at 5 p.m.

What you get if you win is two of the four best seats in the house. We can't tell you where they are or what makes them the best seats yet, because that would ruin the biggest surprise of the night, but rest assured you will get a new Facebook profile picture out of it. There's more:

North Texas Hip-Hop Showcase VIP Package
-Two exceptional tickets to the show on Friday
-Two A.Dd+ t-shirts
-A pair of tickets to Gorilla vs. Bear Fest 4
-Two Granada t-shirts
-Two A.Dd+ albums
-Two North Texas Hip-Hop Showcase posters

It's a lot. Make it a good deed.

Keep up with DC9 at Night on Twitter or Facebook.

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We printed out 150 flyers for the show tomorrow night on the printer at work. Sorry about the ink! I've been passing these out all over Dallas today. Hope this good deed gets some more people to the show!


I once let slim gravy borrow a car seat! Good deed indeed! Ask him!


I am a Dallas hip hop super fan! I have been a supporter for a minute now! I'm constantly posting and re posting there music as well as shows I'm just a fan of good music Dallas hip hop music! I've been an A.Dd+ fan since day one "where you been at"! I've bought all albums and play them things out! Blue the misfit is another beast I have followed since the sore loser days, I bought numb off him at a show when it first dropped and it blew my mind! I've also gotten beats off the dude as he's a monster in that department! -topic is someon that I look up to as an artist myself just because it seems his road has been a bumpy one and he's a killer lyrical madman, I've bought all his shit finally confident hard copy and I could prob spit the whole album it's bonkers! 5song mix tape is my playlist also and jams, time to feed the birds sodk got it, BG&DW currently jamming and I'm just impressed by the dude! Sam Lao chick is a force West Pantego is really really good pilgrims is my damn jam! Jason Greene I found out about him from his features on A.Dd+s evermanisking! HIs vocals kill. Everyone else I'm not super familiar with. But that another reason I gotta hit this sho! Bottom line I love Dallas hip hop. I respect and look up to all thes guys and lady! I will continue my good deeds on Facebook and in the real world for the next 2days, be on the look out! I want this A.Dd+ hoe!


1. I waited in the freezing cold for 3 hours to see -topic. and A.Dd+ at Trees last month. While I was there I bought -topic's album and it's been in heavy rotation ever since. I Just Wanna Chill has become my 4 year old's favorite song. Here she is singing it 

2. I've never won anything and it would be super dope. Regardless of if I win or not I will definitely be there and I can't wait! 


@musicasawpn I wanted to win this so bad, but you definitely deserve it way more than me. Holy shit! So awesome.

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