Journey and Styx Played at a House in Dallas This Week

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Screengrab from the video below, uploaded to YouTube by Mark Francescutti.
This week's most unconventional show was not at a house in Denton or a taqueria somewhere. It was in Preston Hollow, where Dallas lawyer Lisa Blue-Baron booked Journey and Styx for her Christmas Party.

Her neighbors are either very tolerant or very far away (probably that one), because the Blue-Baron residence is the Gexa Energy Pavilion of North Dallas mansions. In 2010, she had Sheryl Crow and Dukes of September, which features Boz Scaggs, Michael McDonald and Donald Fagen, who is probably a miserable troll of a party guest.

Trial lawyers and big-ticket philanthropists apparently don't use the same social media as us common folk, because the documentation from the weekend's festivities is pretty scarce. But journalists are definitely still using YouTube, and a contingent from the Morning News was on the scene. Columnist Alan Peppard has all the feelings about Journey's contest-winning new lead singer you can handle, and Senior Managing Editor Mark Francescutti uploaded a video. Observe:

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You shut your filthy mouth about Donald Fagen. Take it back! ;_;


How is it people that are rich enough to do this always like MOR classic rock acts.

wouldn't it be cool if one of W's neighbors hired Motorhead to play in the backyard.


Donald Fagen is a class act and was a wonderful party guest. Of course, it helps if you have a lot of friends in common, which we do. A genuine jazzer and, as he might say of someone else, "a totally unpretentious cat."

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