Millennials, Your Party Sucks. Here's How to Make it Better.

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Ian Witlen
Getting enough Likes on that post about how much fun you're having?
Millennials, you still do all the drugs and have all the sex, but I have to break it to you: You do not know how to party.

And it's bringing me down. Heading over to what's supposed to be the "jam," hosted by 24-year-old "scenesters," I always hope that there won't be finger foods but that the fridge will be so packed with Miller High Life that it won't totally close. But then I get there, and there's artisan, sprouted, gluten-free hummus with homemade organic cheese sticks and vegan crackers for dipping. And no one looks like they're having fun.

By Liz Tracy

Meanwhile, partying with Gen Xers is the best ever. There's never any food beyond a bag of Doritos, an old pizza or Taco Bell someone grabbed at the end of the night. There are bongs everywhere, but people are dancing, and someone's getting a blowie in the bathroom. There's going to be a fight. Not just skinny straight guys throwing shade, but a bloody nose, "bitch, I'ma kill you" fight. There's nothing good to drink, but there always something to drink. There is a naked guy at the party, and you're probably going to make out with his friend. You will talk to strangers, and there's always good music.

Rip me to shreds in the comments, but someone had to say it. For the Millennials who want to party right, here are some new rules for you.

Booze is more important than appetizers.
Yes, you're all foodies. You "do it yourself." So cool. But for fuck's sake, save the gourmet snacks for your next dinner engagement. Parties are for sex and boozing and breaking shit. Half the Millennial festivities have almost no alcohol. And yeah, pot'll get you high, and molly'll make you rubby, but booze will make you fun.

BTW, when I was a kid (#old), dinner parties were for parents. Take a page from Iconz's book and "Get Fucked Up."

Dance, bitches!
God, there's nothing more pathetic than a party at 3 a.m., where everyone's in little clusters chatting quietly while some like Bon Iver song drags in the background. Wait! There is something more pathetic! When it's 3 a.m. and 2 Live freaking Crew is on the iPad and no one's moving. Get up and dance. It's a party. I hate you.

Parties are for meeting new people.
I swear, every time I hit up a Millennial event, no one is meeting anyone new. It's all the same old people talking to their same old peoples. Go home with someone all your friends didn't bone yet, for once.

And remember the Girl Scout song: "Make new friends but keep the old/one is silver and the other's gold."

YouTube isn't party entertainment.
For the love of God! Please, please, please do not put YouTube on at a party. Just, no.

No one wants to see that "really funny" viral piece of crap, stupid kung-fu underground video you want to put on 'cause you're stoned. If everyone were a better conversationalist, there would be less need for Internet visuals. Actual art visuals are OK, as is anything super trippy, or The Big Lebowski. But get off the Internet. It isn't real life.

Continue to page two for more party tips.

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I feel like this was written specifically because the author is a masochist and really wants to be "ripped to shreds in the comments." As a millennial, consider this a party-pooping. 


this list is completely idiotic and a waste of anyones time. everyone bitches and moans about the generation that follows theirs. their music sucks. they dont have any respect. they dont party right. they do too much cocaine. they dont do enough cocaine. gimme a break. and for the record, im 36, so im not a 21 year old yammering about how my friends do it. 


I'm 25 and literally none of the "what Millennials do" rang true for any party I've ever attended (hoarding beer? watching youtube videos? who are these people???), but my Gen X friend said this resonated with I guess you both just need new Millennial friends haha


How are they going to be different from your gen if they do the same shit? :)  I never got how smoking turned cool again (it really is a turn off) but the Xers had to be different than their parents.  Great party tips btw, for anyone. 


I can't wait to see what kind of maladjusted adult bed wetter's they become. #comeoniran


Love that this spanned two pages. Glorious. Also happenchance this week I'm putting both guitar hero and rock band out on the street for some local urchins to find. No doubt if I blast The Suburbs on repeat from my ancient boom box, they will come shuffling, to haul away my digital debris.


Best Observer piece in recent memory! I couldn't have said it better.

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