Donny Osmond Turned Down a Publicity Stunt Drug Bust: "It Really Would Have Worked."

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Donny and Marie during last year's Christmas Special. Image via.

Even though he was a star by the time he was five years old, Donny Osmond was always considered too clean and wholesome for many rock critics. Yet along with his brothers and sister Marie, Osmond has managed to stay relevant in pop culture for nearly five decades. Donny and Marie's show in Las Vegas has been enormously successful for several years and now the duo bring their Christmas-themed show to our area for the first time in ages.

From his home in Provo, Utah, and in anticipation of Wednesday's show at the Verizon Theater in Grand Prairie, Osmond spoke with DC9 about his busy work schedule and the pros and cons of being a former teen idol.

How long has it been since you have played the Dallas area?

I was there not too long ago, but it was for a business meeting. But for a show, I have no idea. It's been a long time. We are looking forward to coming to Dallas. It has been a really long time.

Have you seen the Broadway production of The Book of Mormon?

No, I haven't. I know that there is a reference to me in there, but I haven't seen it.

In a bio, you are listed as a singer, musician, actor, radio personality, former teen idol, talk show host and game show host. What else is left to do?

Journalist. I don't know. I have done quite a few things, haven't I?

Your radio show was highly rated. How long have you been working in radio?

Well, I've actually stopped because life got a little too hectic. I did my radio show for like three years. I decided to record my 60th album. There wasn't enough blood in the veins to keep doing the radio show. I loved doing it, but I didn't want to take any more time away from my family.

You've been critical of artists such as Lady Gaga for being overly vulgar. Is profanity too pervasive today?

I'm afraid it is. I think it has gone a little too far and I am sure you will agree with me on that. Everybody does. I was talking with people in the industry about this, people who pretty much put Miley Cyrus on the map. The shock factor seems to be unnecessary. It is an element that seems to be becoming more popular. It is that need to be more shocking, get their face in the headlines and on the cover of magazines. People figure the way to do it is through shock value. It's shock value versus pure talent. Sometimes, the industry and the public at large don't go for pure talent.

We've all become quite numb to it. I get it. I'm not stupid. I wasn't born yesterday. To remain relevant in the music industry for 50 years, you can't be stupid. I was given an option of being busted for drugs so that I could be back in the headlines. And it would have worked. It really would have worked. But the aftermath of dealing with something like that would not have been worth the short term benefit. I don't pick on Gaga specifically. I think Stephanie is very talented. She's proven that with her piano playing and vocal abilities. She paid her dues working in bars and doing everything around New York City. It's just that there is a lot of shock factor going on to be popular. I just admire artists who will go out there and just sing and show musicianship.

Is the tour coming to our area going to be similar to the show you do in Vegas with Marie?

We're bringing some of the elements of the show in Vegas. We want to. We won the award for the best show in Vegas, so why not bring that show to Dallas? It won't just be the Vegas show. There will obviously be Christmas music involved. But you can't have wall to wall Christmas music at a Donny and Marie gig. You might as well pass out insulin shots.

How do you attribute your music being immediately successful in the 70's and how has it been successful for so long?

I don't know. I wish I could give you a simple answer to that. It might have something to do with us [my brothers and I] working really, really hard. We've been the butt of many jokes because I started out as a teeny-bopper. I am not stupid. I know what the guys were saying about me when I released "Puppy Love." The girls were loving it. It sound like I am bragging, but when we won the award for best show in Vegas, there was a lot of cynicism. When Marie and I went in there in 2008 with a six week contract, we wondered if Vegas was ready for a Donny and Marie show. I think it is the tortoise and hare scenario. If you give the people good variety and good songs, you come out right in the end. You may not be on top of the wave, but it is good, solid entertainment. We've proven, here we are going into our sixth year, that good variety, good solid entertainment and hard work pays off.

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Say what you will about Donnie, his performance in the 'Ambitious' video with Jeff Beck proves the guy can -rip- when he wants to.  I remember wishing he'd done the entire song and a real rock album.


Donnie was in Dallas,  along with Dick Clark,  in mid '82,   appearing at a National Association of Broadcasters Convention.   The entire family played Billy Bob's about that time.  He pulled my  8 year old daughter out of the crowd,  sang 'ISN'T SHE LOVELY' to her.  Anytime punk rocker daughter gets out of line,   I threaten to show the pic to her friends.

Things were wild back in the 70's,   to show you how far we'd go,   our radio station ran a contest,  send in a bar of soap,  we'll send the winners' to Donnie,  he'll take a shower with it.  We sent a ton or two of soap down to the homeless shelter.

Twisted dj said we ought to ask for an ounce of pot ....

"wild" is tongue in cheek,   that was viewed as cutting very close to the line of what was allowable.


@halldecker Who are you two talking about??? I thought they did an interview with DONNY not Donnie

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