Diana Prevenslik, Rockabilly and Roller Derby Star, Is the Kessler's New Marketing Manager

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Diana Prevenslik has plenty of experience with Dallas culture. She was a member of rockabilly outfit Sawed Off Sick and also a skater -- a good skater, at that. In the world of Texas roller derby, she was "Panther City Princess" under the Dallas Derby Devils. Prevenslik also spent time serving in the National Guard, doing play-by-play announcing at derby bouts and becoming a big Dallas music fan.

Now, she's the Kessler Theater's new secret weapon, handling PR and marketing affairs. Sounds like a fun gig.

You're a pretty busy lady, therefore I was surprised to see you sign on at The Kessler. Fill us in.

I was doing freelance event coordination, which led to a connection with Edwin Cabaniss at The Kessler Theater. I started out consulting and was brought onto the team full-time in June. As far as a venue, it is a bigger scale that I had worked with previously, but we have an awesome team that keeps things flowing smoothly: Jeff Liles, Melissa Hennings, Paul Quigg and many others. I "wear a lot of hats" depending on the day and the current project, so keeping the administrative side, the marketing, and other tasks flowing can be a challenge -- but that is just what keeps it interesting!

The Kessler is a great spot for seeing locals open for legends, yes?

Seeing locals open for legends is very cool -- like watching Madison King open up for Wanda Jackson and Whiskey Folk with Billy Joe Shaver.

What's been your favorite of that scenario so far?

The most memorable for me so far was watching Rhett Miller, Emmylou Harris and Rodney Crowell from backstage at The Majestic -- just an amazing experience.

You've been balancing all the cool stuff you do with National Guard service for many years now. How do you pull it off?

I've been in the Texas Army National Guard for four years now. I joined a bit later in life than most and while it is a challenge, it's also rewarding. I'm proud to serve my state and my country. It is interesting how many people don't understand what the National Guard is, or react surprised or almost uncomfortable when they hear I'm in the military.

Do they?

Hey, I live a pretty normal life when I'm not drilling or at training -- I just have to make sure I stay within military regulations with my appearance: only "natural" hair colors, etc. It can be tough balancing it all -- in addition to my one weekend a month and two weeks a year obligation, I've left for extended military training a couple of times now.

And that's not all you're juggling, is it?

On the civilian side, I teach college part-time in addition to my full-time job with The Kessler. Somehow, I still find time to see shows and have a social life. It's a good thing that I like being busy. I guess I pull it off by loving all that I do for a variety of reasons!

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