ICEICANE 2013! The Concert Cancellations

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Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, staying in warm(er) climates.
Update, 9:00 a.m. OK, fair enough -- seems pretty bad out there. Not that I would know, since my plan for today includes extra pairs of socks and not a whole lot else. At this point, just assume whatever show you were going to tonight is cancelled, except Kanye West at American Airlines Center. What, you think the march of Yeezus can be impeded by a little ice?* Also Alejandro Escovedo still appears to be playing at the Granada. If you have questions about a specific show, ask in the comments and I'll hunt you down an answer.

Original post follows...

I dunno. It's wet and the thin metal things in our proximity are kinda icy. Seems like not a whole lot to justify Ice Force Level One, which is literally a thing that's happening in Dallas right now.

But we are not here to tell you what's safe. Probably it's not safe. Listen to the experts. We are merely here to tell you what's not worth venturing out for, since it's not actually happening. Those things are (and yes, we'll update this until we get bored and/or feel a strong sensation that no one is checking anymore):

Here's what's not happening:

-Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios, 12/6: CANCELLED (Rescheduled date TBA)

-Slaid Cleaves at Kessler Theater, 12/6: CANCELLED (Rescheduled for 12/14, tickets still valid, or contact Prekindle for full refund)

-Last night's Lola's Saloon show was cancelled. Tonight's Pinkish Black show is on notice (still going, until we or they tell you otherwise)

-Aaron Behrens at Three Links, 12/6: CANCELLED (Rescheduled date coming, tickets will be honored)

-ALSO PRETTY MUCH EVERYTHING ELSE. Contact your venue/ticket provider for questions about refunds.

Questions about other shows? Leave them in the comments and we'll hunt you down a definitive yes/no.

*Yeah, actually it probably can. We'll keep you posted.

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wow, what a cool thing to do. shame we don't have this kind of weather more often. but Trees needs some public relations work to do.


Elizabeth Wills' Friday show at Poor David's Pub has been moved to 12/26.

Max Stalling's Saturday show at Poor David's Pub postponed. New date TBA.

Dilanna's Sunday show yet to be determined. Check for update.


Any update on Kanye?


What about The Dead Milkmen at Trees?


@darrylrs naw those folks are pussies who listen to John Tesh and play fuckin bongos along to spoonfed tribe records

Kiernan_Maletsky moderator

@janitorx So far looks like it's still on. Last update was this morning from the band, who were headed up from Houston. 

Kiernan_Maletsky moderator

@Sotiredofitall So far it seems like yes, it's still happening. Here's the current update on the DTC website: 

"All performances of A Christmas Carol will go on as planned, until such time as travel is deemed to be unsafe. 

We will continue to monitor the forecast for now through Sunday, while Winter Storm Cleon is passing through the Metroplex.

The safety of our patrons, artists, personnel and volunteers is of the utmost importance to us. We will continue to post performance schedule updates here, as needed.


Your Dallas Theater Center Team"


@janitorx @Kiernan_Maletsky so much butthurt on trees facebook.. I get where trees is coming from they have to pay the band irregardless.  I didn't get to go but thats why I buy tix at door!

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