The Eight Best Concerts in Dallas This Week, December 12-18

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A.Dd+ will share the stage with Curren$y for Red Bull Sound Select this week.
Dallas is currently undergoing one of the busiest concert seasons in some time. Between the KISS FM Jingle Ball, Kanye West, Beyoncé, Justin Timberlake, and next week's Jay-Z show- the good folks over at Ticketmaster are certainly earning their Christmas bonuses this year. In the midst of arena-tour fever, this is an ideal weekend to check out some more low-key and laid-back local artists. Since it is the most wonderful time of the year, there's even a couple of opportunities this week to see some of Dallas' finest acts for the small price of a charitable donation. You just can't beat that.

New Science Projects Christmas Mixer
Thursday, December 12, at Macaroni Island

If you prefer your Christmas celebrations strictly DIY, with an atmosphere lending itself more to chaos than well-planned light displays, then Denton's premier house venue Macaroni Island is hosting your ideal Christmas mixer. Headlined by Denton's own New Science Projects, this Christmas jamboree in a house promises to have absolutely none of the trimmings but all of the music. Gavin Cleaver

Curren$y, A.Dd+, -topic, Kydd Jones
In 2013's final installment of the Red Bull Sound Select concert series, everyone's favorite energy drink is bringing New Orleans' pride and joy to town. I could swear I once watched Curren$y smoke down a quarter pound of weed onstage, so be prepared because the contact high will be imminent. Vanessa Quilantan

NOFX, Dillinger Four
Thursday, December 12, at House of Blues

Of all the bands to actually make money playing punk rock, Los Angeles' NOFX have always remained truest to the spirit and influence of classic hardcore. Over two decades, Fat Mike and crew have consistently released killer slabs of hilarious, almost melodic punk that never abandoned the archetypical roar of Black Flag or D.O.A. Yet as fine as the noise of NOFX may be, the headliner is not the onl y reason to attend this evening's festivities. Adding weight to the fray is a band from Minneapolis, Dillinger Four. Like NOFX, they're experts at the shouted choruses and three-chord bedlam associated with the legendary Misfits. This bill may well be the punk-rock savior of the Christmas shopping season. Darryl Smyers

Pleasant Grove, Myopic, Panther Robe and Centro-Matic (solo)
Saturday, December 14, at Club Dada

The lineup is great: Denton legend Will Johnson and a preview of the soon-to-be-reunited Pleasant Grove, plus Jeff Ryan's Myopic project and Panther Robe. But the cause is even better. Curtis Heath, formerly of The Theater Fire and more recently a composer of film soundtracks, has melanoma and no health insurance. This show is a benefit for him, and the $10 cover is asking incredibly little. There will also be a buffet from Which Which and Fuzzy's and a raffle for some impressive prizes. Plenty more info can be found on the event's Facebook page.. Kiernan Maletsky

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